Thanksgiving 2021- Lessons From My Loving Husband

Thanksgiving this year was hard. Yes, we're traveling and that is part of it. We're away from Emma and have no idea when we get to see her again. 

That's hard. Then there's the fact that we know that our lives may look different, of necessity, for years- if not the rest of my life. All of that is hard.

We tried Florida early in the week. The ocean was amazing and I started coming to life. Unfortunately, the longer I was in the area, the harder it was.

By Tuesday, I was passing out every time we passed a pond. I haven't had that since we left TN. It was time to go. I may get strong enough to go there again someday, maybe not. 

We hit the road and came back to the area where I've done so much healing. We found a Residence hotel which gave gave us basically a small apartment with small kitchen. We thought we'd stay there through at least Thanksgiving and enjoy a nice, relaxing, Thanksgiving together.

Unfortunately, the day of Thanksgiving I woke up and couldn't even pick up my legs. A lot of people from big cities both in and out of state had come to the area for a major trial. That was enough to make the hotels intolerable for me. If it had been just one or two people, that's one thing, but when hotels almost sell out with camera crews from major towns, that's enough to take me down.

So Thanksgiving, yesterday, we hit the road. 

Steve's favorite day of the year. 

On Steve's favorite day of the year he wasn't getting to sit and relax and eat ham and turkey, slow cooked green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes and pecan pie. He was driving us to find a safe location for me. 

It failed badly. We tried the coastal region of SC which hit me hard. All beaches are not equal. We've found 3 in our journey where I feel amazing. Most just have too many toxins. 

So yesterday we drove up to South Carolina, then had to come back. We came back to an island where I always feel amazing but it's a very expensive area. Steve said, "We're just going to have to deal with the cost tonight so we can get some rest."

We came to a hotel and Steve hit it off with the woman working the desk at night. She decided she would give us a killer rate for a couple of nights. I was standing by the fireplace in the lobby praying that God would give us favor. We were tired and hungry. 

We're here for another night. Please pray for me. I've taken a lot of hits lately and it just doesn't take much to take me down. Last night I collapsed in the lobby when a woman walked by. (I don't do this with everyone. Just certain people who have a lot of toxins or mold -or both- on them.) I need some recovery time. I will bounce back, but when I get knocked down a lot, I am hyper reactive for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday I found myself thanking the Lord so much while we were in the road. I know a lot of men who love their wives. I don't know many who would give up everything for them. I mean everything.

Everything we've ever owned.

Most people who get as sick as me don't get a second chance. But God has given me one.

And this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful.

In Christ,


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