Exciting News on Reese!

We are 10 weeks into this journey and the progress that I've seen in Reese is beyond exciting!

Within a week, he was eating more foods than he's been able to eat in years. We have also noticed something in the past several weeks. 

He's eating less but he's also GAINING weight. This is huge!! For years, Reese has barely been able to gain weight. He's 13 years old and most people think he's 9. 

Not long before we left Tennessee, we had a meeting with the doctor. He looked at Reese's labs and was concerned that he wasn't getting enough nutrients so he asked me to meet with their nutritionist. She looked at what he was eating in a day and said she couldn't think of one thing to tell me to do that I wasn't already doing.

She told me that the only conclusion she could come to was that Reese was unable to absorb nutrients. 

In the 10 weeks that we've been gone, Reese has gained 2 inches and 7 lbs!!! Praise the Lord! All this while actually eating LESS food because he's actually absorbing it.

God is so, so good.

In Christ,


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