Day 45- Been a Rough Couple of Days

A few days ago we decided we wanted to try a few extended stay hotels in town. This would give us a little more room and usually a range for cooking which sounded nice.

We started at the Home 2 but their hot tub is broken and they were booked up anyway. Having a hot tub is a necessity for me because it is what has enabled me to make unbelievable gains in the past 6 weeks. I sweat in the hot tub for 2 hours every day. Being in better air + Hot tubs has enabled me to exercise for 30+ minutes a day and get off of all my mast cell stabilizers except one and I've dropped the dose of it (it isn't even one of the strong ones.) I certainly don't want to lose any ground there. (When you read later you may wonder if getting off of those meds was a good idea but they were doing NOTHING to stop these reactions.)

We ended up staying at Residence for a couple of days. It was nice but we didn't love their rates so we left to check out the Staybridge.

And that's when things went downhill. At first the hotel seemed ok. I wasn't reacting although it did smell a bit musty. Then we went out to their hot tub and found out it was broken. 

"Ok, maybe I can at least swim" I thought. 

So I stepped in the pool and my right leg went. Not a good sign. It means they aren't treating it well and keeping the toxins down.

We sat out by the pool and then went in to make dinner. And things got worse...

I was frying something in the skillet and turn the fan on and my leg went. Steve rushed over and turned the fan off and finished dinner. I didn't feel great after that but we ate and went back outside, hoping it would die down.

We stayed outside for a couple of hours and came in. I stepped in the kitchen and my leg went but when I walked past it it came back so I thought maybe it die down some more overnight. I went to the bathroom and took a shower and was standing at the vanity after getting out when I yelled for Steve. My legs were going.

Steve got me over to the bed so we could discuss what to do next when I passed out and went into convulsions. He had to get me out of the room so we could discuss our next steps.

We decided we'd check a few more rooms. Maybe we could find another room that was good. Three more rooms and my legs went every time Steve opened another door.

So, at 11 pm we headed over to one of our regular hotels, the Courtyard. They know us well and know the drill. They will hand us several key cards and let us go check rooms. The first room was a pass- hallelujah! We cleaned off, changed our shirts and went to bed. 

The next day we were all having some symptoms. You know how when someone drinks too much alcohol and wakes up the next morning and their room smells like alcohol?

Well, when my body encounters toxins that make me very sick, as soon as I get out of those toxins, my body starts dumping them like crazy so then I can start reacting to the room where I slept.

That one Staybridge stay (we were there 12 hours) has caused us to lose more stuff and another room, even though we take minimal things in the room.

So, yesterday afternoon, even though I was in a good room in the Courtyard, my body (and my families) had dumped enough of those toxins for me to go into convulsions again yesterday afternoon.

The Courtyard was out of rooms last night and I couldn't stay in the one we were in so back to the Residence we came. We all got a great nights sleep. We're still recovering from the Staybridge. I'll be excited if we can stay in this room for 2 nights before we have to switch. Before this, I was up to 7 nights.

This is why we have to do hotels right now. And even with hotels we have to have nightly sheet changes, rooms deep cleaned every 3 days, don't use pillows and use towels instead and we have shorts we wear for 3 days and shirts we throw out every day while my body is dumping. 
It's not cheap but God keeps providing. It's better than the alternative which, for me, wasn't looking good.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,


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