Day 38- A Day of Two Extremes

Yesterday was actually day 38 but I was too tired to write my update. Steve said I was one of the first ones asleep last night! Because yesterday was such a perfect example of the extremes I can see in one day, I thought it was important to share.

Steve is working on requesting a new title for a vehicle someone is selling for us back in Tennessee. He printed the forms and went to ask the front desk if they happened to have any stamps for sale. The manager is super nice and he said, "No, but here." And handed Steve some that he had up in his wallet. Steve brought them up to the room to put on the envelope. It was about 60 seconds before I started stumbling, falling over and my eyes closed uncontrollably. Steve caught me and had our oldest rush the stamps out of the room and I came out of it. I wanted to share this story for a couple of reasons. 

1. It's just part of what happened in my day. I still get slammed pretty hard sometimes and I try to be upfront and honest about the good and the bad and,
2. That shows you that something as small as stamps can take someone with this illness down.

It won't always be this bad, I am getting stronger, but it is the truth of this illness right now.

The 2nd incident happened at the pool. A woman started vaping. I can't tell you why, but I react severely to those. I was in the hot tub and Steve had walked off to get me a water when it hit. I started trying to climb out of the hot tub because I felt it. Steve came and grabbed me and I was able to say, "The convulsions are about to start." Right before my eyes closed and they started. The woman saw and rushed over to see if she could help or if we needed her to watch the kids (she probably thought it was a seizure and we were going to the ER). Steve replied, "Well ma'am, to be honest, it was the vape that caused it." 

After I came to, Steve went over and explained vaguely (because let's be honest- sharing everything freaks people out) some of the things I've been through and the reactions I've had. She looked at him and said, "I'm 100% on board" and for the rest of the day she left the area to vape and smoke.

As far as exercise for the day, because my shoulder is still a little off, I didn't swim any yesterday. We did go to the state park and go on a 15 min walk. I'm excited to step up my ability to hike.
Because I only got 15 minutes of exercise, I really wanted to try for more. I ended up doing about another 5 minutes of high intensity exercise including sprinting in the pool, pull push ups and jump squats. Man I was winded. My body was really sore (from the workouts of the past couple of days) so I didn't push anymore. I think I'm starting to work muscles that I haven't worked in years. 

Going from convulsions to high intensity workouts in one day seems strange and I suppose it is but I have some positives.

1. Before the convulsions started, I was able to tell Steve they were coming. I have NOT been able to do that in the past.
2. Even after having those, I was able to have an active day. We know what causes it and we do the best we can to avoid it although we don't always see it coming. And, like I said, I am healing and getting stronger so this level of sensitivity won't be forever.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

In Christ,


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