Day 31- Learning to Have Adventures

The thing that I'm learning about this life is that it actually provides a lot of freedom. 

While I've been acutely ill for 5 years, I've been sick for much longer. This year Steve and I will have been married for 20 years and in all of that time, he's had to work hard around my crashes. It's been very limiting. I might hang out with my family on a Saturday night so that would mean no church on Sunday morning or I would dearly pay.

So days like today absolutely blow my mind. First, I got up early and made breakfast. We were down to the pool by 9ish and I was able to get in my 2 hours of hot tub time and 30 minutes of swimming. 
We had lunch then we still had some time to do something fun and I have energy so we were literally looking at Google maps saying, "What can we do?"

We saw there was a Prairie Dog park and that sounded like an adventure. It's in the downtown area so Steve said, "Are you sure you want to go?" I told him it was 15 minutes away so if I felt bad, all we had to do was turn around. We didn't tell the boys what we were doing just in case it didn't pan out. I will say downtown didn't feel awesome... But it wasn't horrible either. We got to the Prairie Dog park and I felt just fine! The boys had so much fun. People shared food with them so they could feed the prairie dogs (we'll know to do that next time!) 

We got to stay about 45 minutes before a storm started rolling in that was affecting me but it was no big deal. We just told the boys it was time to load up. We all washed off in the vehicle and when we got to the hotel, we changed into our bathing suits and came down to the pool. I hot tubbed a little just because I had a small hit and now I'm sitting here watching my kids play.

This is all possible because of listening to my symptoms and learning what to avoid. This day would have been impossible for most of my adult life.

I'm just so incredibly grateful.

In Christ,


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