Day 28- Some Little Girls Took Me Down

What an interesting day. I shared yesterday, I believe on Facebook, a prayer request. We realized that all the hotels in the town where I'm staying were booked up for a softball tournament.
We tried looking at another town a couple of days ago and that failed miserably.  I shared it on Facebook but not on the blog. Basically, 20 minutes outside of the town we were trying, I couldn't lift either leg among other symptoms. We fled quickly.

We were going to get up early this morning and hit the road when one of our favorite staff workers caught Steve. They had a cancellation and could get us in tonight. Yay!

Today was more of the same... Swimming, hot tub. Nothing too exciting.

We went up to the room for a late lunch and when we came back, a lot of people were at the pool and hot tub. We didn't even get close and my knees started buckling. Steve had to drag me back inside. I was somewhat better inside until we got to the 3rd floor. My legs gave out. Steve helped get me to the room and I took a shower and changed my clothes.

We decided to go to the state park to get some fresh air and we passed by the same room and bam, my legs went and Steve had to catch me again. I was coming to as we got to the elevator when the door opened to the room and two girls walked out and bam. My eyes closed and legs went. Steve caught me and held me while we let the girls go ahead in the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors closed, I came to life. 

This time at the state park we got to see buffalo and that was pretty neat.

After that we came back to the pool and hot tub. It seemed people had cleared out to go eat dinner so that gave me some time with just a few other people here.

If you read my blogs, you probably think I can't be around anyone but that's actually not the case. There is another family swimming in here now and I'm fine. I just have to go on symptoms. I avoid large crowds and try not to go to the store too often and base the rest off of symptoms. My body will get stronger in time.

Today I got 2 hours in the hot tub and I wanted to get swim time but people who were bothering me came out and my right leg was gone so we had to leave. I have already done 10 minutes of swimming and my goal is to get up to 15 next.

Keep us in your prayers tomorrow because, unless something changes, we're hitting the road. Pray for God's guidance and wisdom.

I am so grateful for what God has done!

In Christ,


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