Day 3 of Mold Avoidance- The Best Birthday Ever!

Today is day 3 of mold avoidance. I feel like I've been given a new life. I know all the days may not be this amazing, but I'm grateful this one is. I feel like for many years, if not most of my life, I've been only partly alive. Now I'm starting to feel more and more alive!

Today is my 39th birthday. This illness has taken 5 years of my life acutely (although I would argue it actually goes back much further.)
I've shared the videos. You've seen me crawling, hands curled up, tremoring and more.
This is what I look like swimming.

Today I swam with my kids.

I laughed with my husband.

I walked around Walmart

And life is good.

Here is how you can pray:

1. I am starting the long process of detox. My body will slowly learn to sweat again. During this process staying in hotels is crucial because if I self contaminate a room for me (it won't affect a healthy person) I will have to change rooms. I already have to get the bedding changed daily and the room deep cleaned every few days until I switch rooms. If something changes in the area, I need the flexibility to move to another hotel. Please pray for us during this time. Pray that my body will start detoxing SAFELY.

2. Pray for God's provision. This process isn't cheap and it's my last shot. 

3. Pray that God will guide us step by step and if the time comes that we need to move on, that God will guide us where that is and when to go.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and encouragement. Keep Steve in your prayers. He's had to carry so much.

And, above all, thank my Jesus today for such a wonderful day and a whole lotta hope.

In Christ,


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  1. Happy Blessed Birthday Megan!! May each day be better and better!!✝️💟✝️