I'll Be Honest- Things Are Difficult Right Now


In the past four years, I've learned to document everything. With Mast Cell and Biotoxin Illness, symptoms come and go. A prime example is the difference between yesterday and today.

On Wednesday, I went to get a ketamine infusion. I have written about this extensively. I have primarily used ketamine for 2 reasons:


2. To regain the ability to walk.

It has helped me a lot with both. By Thursday afternoon, I started walking normally. Friday morning I wasn't, Friday afternoon I was when I shot this video:

By Friday evening (last night) I couldn't even lift my legs, much less walk. Steve was carrying me back and forth to the bathroom (the wheelchair doesn't fit in the RV).

With Mast Cell, storm fronts flare it up. Today I can't walk or stand. This morning I tried to document what I was walking like for my doctor. I fell and couldn't get off the floor on my own. I was stuck there until Steve got home 20 minutes later.

Please pray. My doctor is really trying to get this under control with medications. We had a game plan post ketamine because we knew this was a possibility. I didn't go back to get ketamine just for walking this time. This has flared up the PTSD big time.

Guys, we need prayers. We are exhausted. My doctor said my treatment is probably another 18 months but he said we haven't even gotten the mast cell under control yet. We are now in spring which means lots of weather fronts.

Weather fronts flare up mast cell. My mast cell won't always be this bad, but until we detox from the mold, it will be. Until we get the mast cell under control, we can't detox from the mold. It's a vicious cycle.

And we're beat.

Please also keep Steve in your prayers. Right now his back is flared up and he's having to carry me. This isn't helping.

I have submitted my claim for disability. Please also pray for this and that God's will will be done.

Thank you all for the continued prayers.

In Christ, 


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