A Perfect Storm

Earlier in the week I sent out an email with a prayer request. I got the flu and Dr. Potter was concerned that it would flare up my Mast Cell. He had me take some extra therapies to strengthen my immune system in an effort to combat the flu.


Thankfully, I did improve quickly. Unfortunately, it did flare up my mast cell.

Yesterday these symptoms came back.

I spoke to the doctor's office and we went over the past few weeks.

It started with a reaction that I had to a supplement. Then I got poison oak 

(which I am very allergic to). 


Then I got the flu and viruses can trigger mast cell.

Dr. Potter believes this is like an atypical migraine that is triggered by the histamine release from mast cell. He's starting me on a new prescription.


Please pray this resolves quickly.


In Christ,



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