The Accidental Experiment and a Big Answer

 I'm doing amazing. My days are taken up with walking the trails with my dog,

(usually a hour in the morning and 30 minutes in the late afternoon)

Homeschooling and creating recipes,

and basically just living and playing with my kids.

(why yes, that is me riding a bike with my kids)

When we moved here about 6 weeks ago, we moved to this location for 2 reasons:

1.) It was the closest KOA campground and we needed to get out of the mold (once again) asap;

2.) The recommendations of a friend. Steve and I have a friend who works as a data scientist. He studies weather patterns for some of his work and he also has basically had to become a building biologist because of health issues that he and his wife have.

He had a theory. If we could take the data of what we know has made me sick and look for a climate that was low in those numbers, I might not have to leave Tennessee. And if we could find a location where I actually felt healthy, then we could look into building me a safe home. More on that part another time.

I have to be honest. I thought there was NO way that he could figure this out but he was convinced.

He said, "Your doctor may be a genius and I'm sure he can help your health, but I know data."

His recommendation before he got data, just on theory, was the area that we're in now. It's a higher elevation, therefore lower humidity, and there is a lot of air movement.

Until Saturday, that was just a theory (although early evidence was showing that I was thriving up here.)

On Saturday, Steve and I decided that we would drive to Knoxville to see if we wanted to renew our Costco membership. I was driving and I felt great. I had already had a pretty full day, including walking, cooking and cleaning, but I felt great.

Until we got about 15 minutes outside of Lenoir City. I started having anxiety out of nowhere. I realized that I had anxiety at the EXACT same place when I came over to my parents for a visit this past summer. In fact, I almost pulled over and let Emma drive because I wasn't sure that I would be able to. But it passed quickly.

It passed quickly this time too so I didn't say anything about it to Steve and kept driving. Steve was hungry so we got off at Lenoir City so that he could get a bite to eat. For those who don't know, Lenoir City is where I originally got sick. This was the house that, on the labs, had mold levels 10x higher than outside and they said the outside levels were way too high. 

The further I got off the exit and the more I got into town, the sicker I got. I started coughing and choking as drainage went down the back of my throat. By the time we were sitting in the Zaxby's drive thru, I was miserable. I was sick and needed to go to the bathroom. I had really bad anxiety. I was struggling to think. I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

I forgot how sick I used to feel and I haven't felt this bad in over a year. We got back on the interstate (after stopping as a gas station so I could be sick) and within 15 minutes of being past the place that originally made me sick, I felt a lot better. 

So much so that I was able to go grocery shopping once we got back in town.

Having this information and two other visits to East TN, I sent the details to my friend.

1. Went to visit my parents in July in Knoxville.

2. On Thanksgiving we went to my sister's in Sweetwater. We passed the same area and I didn't have an issue. I felt great the whole time I was there, so much so that I didn't feel like sitting around and asked if I could wash all of her dishes and clean her kitchen. (She was super pregnant so she didn't care)

3. The incident I just described.

My friend did research and called me excited.

"I think I know what went wrong!"

He said that 4 different categories made the perfect storm when I visited E TN on Saturday:

1. There is a large amount of standing water in deep lakes which leads to large amount of water in the air on the surface like fog. The place where I first noticed symptoms was at a lake at Watts Bar.

2. All of the water draining off the mountains (where we are) creates more water in the air. The Knoxville area had just gotten 1/2 in of water the day before.

3. A really humid day. Saturday was 60 degrees and, by the time we were there, 70% humidity.

4. All of the pollen and mold from the mountains and plateau (where we are) blow over and settle at the lakes in the Kingston area (where I first felt bad.)

He said that this creates an environment like I had with mold in my house that is blowing through the HVAC system or growing underneath the floor joists.

He pinpointed where I said I felt bad and it was always within 2 miles of a body of water.

This is actually fascinating because it explains why I felt terrible in S Knoxville. There was a massive amount of standing water there, and therefore, mold in the air.

There were many accounts where I would be walking normally and walk into my chiropractor's office and just fall. He was right beside a lake.

This also explains why I felt good at my sister's. It wasn't a humid day, there was no recent rain and she's 23 miles from a large body of water.

I share all of this not only for all of my wonderful friends and family who have been praying, but for others who are living in misery and wondering if there is a safe place to live.

God has been so gracious to me. He provided for me to go to Envita, which I wholeheartedly believe saved my life. He got me out of E TN, he blessed me with an amazing mold and mast cell dr who is only 2 hours away and very responsive, when we moved into yet another moldy home in Middle TN, he provided a way out for us and a place to go. And he provided a friend who is a data scientist that studies weather and is helping us find a safe place to live.

He is so good.

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  1. Wow, Megan, I’m SO glad to hear you are doing well and are getting some answers. Praise God! He is faithful, always with us no matter what. Immanuel, God With Us.

  2. Hallelujah !!! Praise Jesus!!!