Three Weeks at the Campground: The Good (and the not so great)...


Today marks 3 weeks of living in the campground. I thought I would share the good things that have happened, what we have seen God do, and some of the areas where we still really need prayer.

First, we have seen God provide in ways beyond what we have imagined. We were able to replace all of our clothes and items that we lost because of our 3rd home with mold. I have heard some shock that this was the 3rd home that we've lived in with mold but it's far more common than most people realize. On top of that, we live in one of the worst states for it. Moving to a campground in Tennessee is an experiment. Could we (the kids and I) recover in Tennessee if we had a safe place to live and a doctor? My doctor suspected we could. The biggest issue is that we had yet to find a safe place.


In the 3 weeks that we've lived in the campground, I feel better than I have in years. I have walked a mile trail on 3 occasions. I have had ZERO neurological attacks and have not lost the ability to walk since leaving the moldy home.

Just this morning, I went on another mile walk with my daughter and the dogs.

I am back to cooking from scratch 3 times a day (I have to with our mast cell/ histamine issues. More on that later.)

A low histamine diet is a challenge but I love creating recipes. This morning was a breakfast pizza with garlic cauliflower sauce, sautéed red onions, arugula and shredded chicken. It's good, but it still needs work so I'll try to post the recipe when I get it perfected. (I know I say that I all the time but I actually seem to be improving now so be patient. 😉) 

For years, I have wanted to do crafts and activities with the kids but I've always been to sick or too weak to do it. Now I am getting to make homemade ornaments with them for our tree. They are having a blast.

Because of what our bodies have been through, I am having to become a lot more educated about what I bring in where we live. I learned that most fake trees are sprayed with fire retardant and other chemicals. If you think that's no big deal, when I was at Envita, there was a 19 year old college guy that had come down for treatment because of severe neurological issues. They thought he had Lyme disease. He actually had large amounts of fire retardant in his body. Ikea tree and lights are much safer (Christmas lights typically have lead) and we are making our Christmas crafts with non toxic wood and non toxic water based paints.

I am learning to let go of perfect. I am enjoying my time with my kids and I love seeing their faces light up as we spend time together creating memories.

I don't want to give the illusion that living in an RV has been without difficulty but most of it hasn't been the kind that I expected. The small quarters aren't that bad. I have actually been thinking that a tiny house (600-800 sq ft) may be a great option for us. I love this one that I saw yesterday. (click here)

When you lose everything a few times over (including your health) your priorities change. The kids and I feel better outside so having a small home that is safe is a much bigger priority than it would have been a few years ago.

Here's where we need prayer:

*Emma still needs treatment. For most of her 17 years, she has lived in a moldy home. The one that originally made me sick, we lived in for 12 years. The one in South Knoxville, 2. My father in law's home, 10 months. That does a lot of damage. I think I have seen some improvement in her since we moved but it's hard to say. She's stressed with not having a private place with 3 brothers so she might improve much more when we get in a home. Either way, she still needs treatment.

*Reese is having some new symptoms as well as the old ones that he's had for years. The last house really did a number on him. He also has lived in moldy homes for most of his life. He is now having some body aches. Some are in random places like his hand so it's not growing pains. He still has some tests coming in and I know Lyme and Mold was a concern the doctor had. I don't know much at this point. I'll know more when we meet with the doctor for Reese next month. Reese has started a gentle detox so please pray that he handles that well. There are kids for him to play with at the campground so he has actually been very happy here. He spends hours a day outside and it's great to see.

*Isaac was starting to have some symptoms before we left the home but those are all gone since we left. His body must be detoxing on its own which is a huge praise. Isaac loves playing outside as well and he's happy and doing great.

*Elijah is not doing well. He is having a lot of symptoms of Mast Cell Activation which can be triggered by mold. Right now, I am more concerned about Elijah than anyone else in the family. Today he had an allergic reaction to an essential oil blend that scared me. It was my fault on two accounts. One, I didn't catch that there were oils in the blend that can trigger mast cell (I'm learning a lot through this) and two, I miscalculated and made it much stronger than I realized. We now are keeping benedryl in the house in case he has another allergic reaction. Please pray that doesn't happen.
I don't really trust anyone to treat Elijah except the doctor that Reese and I working with (if you have a doctor that doesn't know how to treat mold, genetic issues and mast cell, they can make things MUCH worse) but it's about $5,000 to work with him for 7-9 months (he doesn't do just one appointment). Please pray that God will provide this or heal Elijah. In the mean time, we are all eating a low histamine diet (with mast cell you can't clear histamine in your body and can continue to have worse reactions) and I am adding in natural support (like essential oils that support mast cell) and praying... a lot.

*Me- like I said, I am doing MUCH better. I still have a lot of mast cell symptoms but the doctor said those should clear up in time as we detox me from the mold. My appointment with my doctor to get the full rundown of what he found on my tests is next Monday (Dec 14th). I will make sure and share an update.

*Steve is stressed out. He doesn't mind the small quarters but he hasn't slept well since we've been in the RV because the mattress is killing his back. He has had a lot on his plate in the past 4 years in supporting and dealing with our mold illness (and attempting to find a safe place to live.) His big symptom is that he can't lose weight. He may need treatment, but he may improve when the kids and I are doing better. It's hard to know right now.

So this is where we are. We've seen God do great things and we still have a long road. I'm reading an amazing book right now, Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest, by Edward Welch. I read this excerpt from the book today and I thought it was so appropriate to share:

Deliverance is grand except for one thing: It isn't deliverance unless it's the eleventh hour. There first has to be some kind of danger for there to be deliverance. Such drama is fun to watch in movies and great to hear in other people's stories, but we would prefer not to experience it in our own lives.

Doesn't this get to one of the essential features of fear and anxiety? You don't feel danger until the threat is a palpable presence. That is when you panic, feel alone, and want to run. But imagine what it would be like if that same moment- the eleventh hour- evoked an awareness of the God who was present and active. If called upon, you could fall fast asleep because you knew your God was awake.

That's where I'm learning to be. Not because of anything in me, because Jesus is changing me. He is showing me that He is my provider.

We have this RV through January. We have no idea where we're going to live after that but He has always provided.

I have to detox again. But God showed me that He can detox me as He did at Envita last year.

We need to get Elijah treated, but God always provides.

And so, I am learning to rest in Him.

Psalm 130:5-6

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in His word I hope;
my soul waits for the Lord
more than watchmen for the morning,
more than watchmen for the morning.

In Christ,


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