Before We Leave Tennessee...


"If you're in a moldy home now that's making you sick, how can you judge if Tennessee is really the problem or it's just the home?" my dad asked.

He's right. It's an issue that we've been dealing with for 4 years.
The fact is, that moldy homes are all over the country. Some climates are worse than others, but mold in homes happens everywhere. A lot of it has to do with how it was built.

There is an assumption that if you buy a new house that it is safe, but unfortunately that is not the case since many homes are built with moldy lumber.

See here

and here

and here.

So I asked my doctor a couple of days ago,

"If we could find a safe home where I could heal, do you think Tennessee would really be the issue?"

He said no, he did not.

Our doctor got into this after his family got sick from mold. In a new build.

So Steve and I have been very quiet for a few weeks. We've been talking, praying, and praying some more.

 This is what we've decided. We are going to give Tennessee one more go.
Next week we are moving to a campground in Crossville, TN to live in my parent's RV for a couple of months. We will see how the kids and I do in that period of time and go from there. We still have to replace all of our clothing and personal items. We are in the process of doing that now.

Hopefully, for the last time.

If we determine that TN isn't really the issue, than we will make a decision from there. We have a friend who's had to become a building biologist from health issues that he and his wife have. We already knew that we'd have to hire a building biologist wherever we moved. Our friend may be able to design a safe home for us.

That's really all of the details that we have for now so please keep us in your prayers.

I do want to thank all of our friends who have been praying. I have been spending more time outside over the past few days and I have been able to stand and walk more. My mast cell seems to have calmed down a bit so please continue to pray while we move toward this next step.

In Christ,


(This morning I was able to cook breakfast for my kids for the first time in months!)

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