Update: Where We Are Now and My PTSD Recovery


It's been quite a week.

First, let me say that I love my new doctor, Dr. Potter, at Sanctuary Functional Medicine. We have been blown away by the care that we've already received and we don't even have the full picture or treatment plan yet. I like doctors who keep asking why and Dr. Potter is the most thorough that I have met.

He is still working to put the pieces together.

As each test comes in, he briefly explains what he finds and then often ends with something like "to discuss further at visit." A couple of weeks ago he decided that it was definitely time for an MRI. With these walking episodes, he wanted to make sure that we weren't missing anything. He ordered an MRI and I went in Monday for that. They did one without contrast, with contrast and another one called Nueroquant to measure the different regions of my brain. He was particularly interested to see what regions might have been effected by the mold.

Monday morning I went to Murfreesboro for my MRI and we came home to find our dog throwing up blood. Monday afternoon was spent at the vet. Winston is ok now, after an overnight stay at the vet.

Then, yesterday, we got our mold report back on our current home. It appeared to be high so I was terrified. I couldn't believe we were living this again. Thankfully, my doctor looked at it and clarified. This particular test checks for a lot more molds so it can appear to be a lot higher but when it comes to strains that really affect your health, our count was actually quite low. He said we probably wouldn't find a safer place to live. Praise God!

Today, I got my MRI results. First, there were no lesions or tumors- Praise the Lord! We had suspected this all along because the symptoms didn't really fit but it was wonderful to have confirmation. On the Nueroquant there was evidence of effects from mold on my brain. He didn't go into details and said we would discuss it at the visit. 

But here is the part that I found wonderfully and truly amazing. There were NO markers for PTSD on the Nueroquant MRI. If you had seen me at my worst last year, you would know what a miracle this is! I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is 100% the ketamine therapy that I received at Revitalist Clinic.
Every year I see people sharing things about suicide awareness and mental health. Some of my friends have even done fundraisers to help support mental health. If you want to save lives, I truly don't know anything that you could better support than their non profit. If you want to donate, call them at (865) 290-2465.

Here are some things that you can be praying for as we go forward:

  • My son, Reese, has been having a lot of health issues. We know that a lot of this stems from the mold. He will be meeting with Dr. Potter this next Tuesday (10/20). Please pray that I will remember everything important and that Dr. Potter will have discernment to know the best tests to order.
  • My ability has been declining this week. My episodes are lasting longer and walking is becoming more difficult. I am 9 weeks out of ketamine so I'm thinking that I may have to do it again before I get in with Dr. Potter for our appointment on Dec 14th. He didn't want me to do any treatments before coming in but I may not have a choice. Pray that, if I need it, he will be ok with it. (Yes, ketamine helps with PTSD but it also helps my walking and movement. It builds in your system for 8 weeks and last year I was finding that I had to do it every 8-10 weeks just to keep some movement.)
  • Pray for Emma. Because I can barely stand right now, she is back to doing pretty much everything (cooking wise). She is doing her regular school work plus 2 college courses and trying to help take care of her brothers. It's a lot.
  • Pray for us financially. We continue to keep getting hard financially but God always provides.
  • Dr. Potter isn't sure that the histamine/mast cell completely explains what is happening with my legs. He is working to find all the pieces.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. They mean more than you know.

In Christ, 


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