Hard Things

I can't believe we're doing this again. I got an email the other day that it was time to renew my website. It's been a year. God has done a lot in a year.

But I never could have fathomed that I would get better...

Then be back here.

Yet here I am.

We have to leave another home.
And, possibly, this state.

I am tired.

When we came back to Tennessee, we thought we moved into a safe home.
There are some things that we have learned since that made us realize otherwise.
Once you have mold illness, you do tend to be more sensitive and this is certainly part of this. 

We got our mold test back. Some people said it was bad. My doctor said it was fine. But I told Steve that were some things that I noticed that didn't have me quite convinced.

Then my 17 year old daughter started having memory loss again (she had it at our house in S. Knoxville but it went away in Arizona.)
Then, my 12 year old son started having a hard time waking, would fall asleep uncontrollably at the table among other symptoms.
My twins digestion shut down (this happens when your brain goes into sympathetic. People with mold know this all too well). One of my twins started having anxiety and nightmares.

Then, I started noticing symptoms in my dog again. He started having a hard time using his back legs again (if you've not followed our journey, my dog couldn't walk at our last mold home in South Knoxville. He started improving when we found something to help offset it while we lived there. Once we left completely, he was better.)

And, unfortunately, I'm on the decline again. The ketamine didn't do much this last time. My doctor is having to put me on more medicines to stabilize my mast cell. Last night, I couldn't use my legs at all. I couldn't even stand. I would collapse if Steve tried to stand me up.
Today I can a little, but I fall.
My doctor agreed today that it was time to find a new place to live.

So things are hard. And I just don't know that we can find a home safe enough in Tennessee.

This blog won't be as eloquent as some of my others. I am exhausted. My husband is stressed and exhausted. My kids are as well.

I know God is faithful. I don't know why He allowed this to happen, but I trust Him.
So now, we're praying for next steps.

We hope we can stay in Tennessee. We're asking God to make it clear if we can. 

We're potentially looking at the Scottsdale area (where I healed earlier in the year). Our biggest concern is the heat in the summer. I don't know if I'm physically strong enough for 120 degrees.

We're also considering the Boise area. It is a low mold climate and has seasons.

God may still keep us here. Right now we're praying and we'll have to see which doors He opens.

Please pray with us.  



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