A Relapse in Symptoms and Next Steps


I'm going to be honest. This is a hard post to write.

Over the past 4-5 weeks, my health has been struggling.

It started with what we now know is a Mast Cell flare up.

About 6 weeks ago, I inadvertently loaded my diet with high histamine foods. After this, I proceeded to have miserable allergic reactions. Around this time I traveled back to see family in Knoxville and overexerted myself physically. 

I didn't do any of these things intentionally. I am still trying to figure out what my physical limits are.

My doctor at Envita told me that he thought we were dealing with Mast Cell issues. We tried some natural treatments. For some people, those are enough.

For me, they did nothing.

I started developing more allergies. Now I can't eat beef (I now know that is a high histamine food). I try to make the best of these situations. I love cooking so I started making some yummy low histamine foods like this low histamine pizza.

I started trying to see how much variety that I can add into my diet. I was striving to pace myself, to not stand too long, to work on retraining my limbic system every day (a lot of people have found that this part of their brain is damaged by mold).

And I kept getting worse. And weaker.

Then, I accidentally ate another high histamine food. Twice.
Then, I got bitten by a bunch of red ants and had an allergic reaction to that.

Yesterday morning, I woke up like this.

My right leg turned in and went. My right hand curled up and started to tremor to the point of cramping. Then it spread to my left hand. Then my thighs.
My teeth started chattering but I wasn't cold.

This went on for about 30 minutes. After it stopped, I couldn't walk at all.

I called Steve home from work. We had to make some hard decisions.

Going to the hospital where I live was absolutely out.
We could drive to Knoxville and go to UT Medical Center. Been there. Done that.
Went twice last year. They said I had a migraine and muscle weakness and sent me home.
Or, we could go to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. 
We're halfway between both of those hospitals.
If we went to Vanderbilt they'd likely do MRI, Spinal Tap, etc.

The problem is that the CDC doesn't even recognize mold illness. There are a small handful of doctors who know how to treat Mast Cell and, at this point, we think the Mast Cells are attacking my brain and central nervous system. 

Before this nervous system attack, I had looked for Mast Cell Specialists in Tennessee. I found two. One in Knoxville and one in Nashville.
The one in Nashville specializes in Mold Illness, Mast Cell and Genetics. My three big issues.
But he's not cheap and I thought I had time to wait a bit.

Yesterday, we realized that was not the case.
 We decided to go ahead and book another ketamine treatment and book the appointment in Nashville.

Mast Cell causes major inflammation and can attack many organs throughout the body. Ketamine is an anti- inflammatory. We think that's why it was helping me last year during the attacks. It was calming down the inflammation in my brain.

The specialist in Nashville is booked out for 4 weeks. My appointment is September 10th. The ketamine lasts in your system for up to 8 weeks.

Tonight, I am walking normally. I hope to keep that. Our hopes and prayers are that the ketamine will keep working while we wait to get in with the specialist in Nashville. Will you pray with us?

In Christ,


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  1. Praying for you! Let us know if we can do anything!

  2. Praying for you hun. Should you need anything a sitter a friend to talk to or simply someone to help you around the house and so on let me know. -Kelly West

  3. Praying for progress with the new DR. and to keep the mobility you have until then. Keep focusing on Jehovah Rapha and He will give you peace. Healing and health for Megan Lord!!!❤️❤️❤️