Mold Illness Treatment- Week 1

We arrived in Arizona last Wednesday, December 11th, for treatment. We were originally scheduled to get my port on Friday, December 13th and we wanted me to have a day to rest from the trip before we had the surgery.

The surgeon's office did not like that my labs were two months old instead of one so they had me come back in for more labs and the port was postponed until Monday.

When we arrived to get the port on Monday we were told that I'm actually getting a catheter instead of a port because we needed that for apheresis. Apheresis is where they clean your blood and I'm scheduled to get that twice while I'm here, starting in week 3.

The catheter surgery was fairly quick and uneventful. My heart rate did shoot up fairly high so they watched me for a bit after the surgery. They said I was probably one of those people that's very sensitive to medications (something I could have told them already).

The day of the cath I started having pretty severe pain. If I stood up straight, I almost blacked out. Steve had to catch me once. Thankfully, the next day Envita figured it out. The surgeon had pulled the bandage really tight and it was pulling on the vein that ran above my collarbone. When I stood, it cut off blood flow. Once they changed the bandage, it was much better.

I started treatment at Envita Medical Center on Tuesday. I met with my Patient Care Coordinator before treatment and she gave me the list of medications and supplements that the doctor wanted me to start. It was extensive. I broke down immediately.
I am trying to be strong but I have really struggled with ptsd from the severe reactions I have had to treatments. Starting that many at once was more than I could handle. They understood.
The doctor agreed that it would be best if I started slowly and staggered things in. The first medication he put me on was for my yeast overgrowth. If you remember, the doctor said yeast and mold go hand and hand. The yeast is keeping me from absorbing nutrients as well as causing many other problems. So far, I have handled that medication well.

At Envita, all treatments are IV. On Tuesday, they started me on Oxybosh. Oxybosh is where they remove some of your blood, add oxygen to it, and add it back to your body. This oxygen helps to kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast. I feel really good after this treatment. It seems to give me a boost. After Oxybosh we had Chelation therapy,Vitamin IV and liquids. At Envita, the Vitamin IVs are designed by your doctor based on your labs.
I responded really well to all of the treatments on Tuesday.

I also started Castor Oil packs. My doctor wants me to do these daily to help detox my body as it's ridding of toxins, infections, yeast, viruses, mycotoxins and more. If you've never tried them, look them up. There are a lot of health benefits.

Wednesday treatments went well as well. I was given Oxybosh, Mitostart, and Fluids. Mitostart is to rebuild and repair the mitochondria and the cells. While some patients have told me that they don't feel well on Mitostart, my nurse knew I was sensitive and started me on a very low dose over a long time (2 hours). I was grateful.

Thursday was a difficult day. I came in hurting from the catheter and absolutely exhausted.

For months now I have been stuck at home except for trips to the doctor's office and sometimes getting to go to church. Now I'm going to treatments 4-6 hrs a day and it's wearing me out. I'm grateful and I'm not complaining. I know this is where I need to be- but I am exhausted.

On Thursday they did Oxybosh and attempted to do the Hydrogen Peroxide IV. I was a little concerned about this one because it had magnesium sulfate and manganese sulfate added to it. We had found in the past that I don't do well with sulfur.

No, that's putting it mildly.

We had found that I had severe reactions to sulfur detox methods. My holistic dr back home had ordered genetic testing on me and saw that I couldn't break sulfur down. I told my doctor here about this and forwarded the genetic tests. He thought it looked like maybe I had a mild intolerance and wanted to try it.
I said I would try.

They started the IV slowly but within 10-15 minutes I started having anxiety, confusion, and a fog that felt like it came over my entire body. They stopped the IV immediately and flushed me out with fluids.

Today (Friday) ended up being slightly more difficult.
Ok, more than slightly.
Like an entire medical team around me trying to get me breathing.

Today I had Oxybosh. After that I was supposed to have Glutathione through IV. I have had Glutathione via IV probably 10 times. The only problem I have ever had is that, if they gave it too quickly, I had an asthma attack. It usually wasn't severe. I would just be short of breath for a hour or two afterwards. The clinic that gives me Glutathione back home learned this and slowed down the IV. I haven't had problems since.

I told Envita this so they both put me on a lower dose than I am usually on and a slow drip. Despite this, within minutes, I went into the worst asthma attack of my life.

I started gasping for air like I have never experienced before. The nurses stopped the Glutathione, gave me oxygen, rushed to get the doctor who then put me on benedryl via IV, IV steroids, and then an albuterol breathing treatment.
They then put me on fluids to try to flush it out of my system. Since this was a lower dose then what I get at home, all we can figure is that the concentration must have been higher even though the dose was lower. On top of this, it went in a catheter directly in my chest (close to my lungs) instead of in my arm.
During this episode, I heard the doctor say, "She obviously can't break down those sulfur bonds. I'll tell her doctor but I'm removing this from her rotation."

So, again, sulfur.

We have had a few different reactions when we start talking about my biotoxin (mold) illness:

1. Some people just don't believe me or don't care.
2. Some are convinced that I can see their local naturopathic doctor.
3. Some worked their tails off to get me here because they realized how serious it was.

To the later category, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.
For those who were truly trying to help and wanted me to go somewhere local, we do appreciate it. Truly.
But this is why I had to go. There are some people that can heal at home.
For me, unfortunately, we have learned that things can get dangerous quickly.

And, in the words of one of my doctors,
"You need an entire medical team watching you."

We have found that at Envita.

Unfortunately, after all of this, we still had appointments that Envita had scheduled for me this afternoon. I was scheduled for a lymph massage and colonic at a local health center.

The reason for the lymph massage is that your lymph drains toxins when you move. For someone in a wheelchair, that isn't happening.

The colonic is obviously for draining toxins that my body is currently trying to dump from the treatments. The lymph massage went very well and was very relaxing.

My body rejected the colonic. The practioner said that I may have a blockage or hemorrhoid in my colon or just the stress and exhaustion from the week's treatments and today's asthma attack caused enough strain in my body that my colon was "shut down." I am supposed to discuss it with my doctor next week and determine the next steps.

Thank you so much to everyone that is praying. I am going to do my very best to update weekly as long as I am physically able. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

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