What I've Learned in 6 Months- At Its Heart, This is a Toxicity Illness

In 3 days it will be 6 months since we left Tennessee.

It was Friday, June 11, 2021.

And we were out of options. We had tried everything else. And that's really the only way you try something like this- selling the few possessions you have left, your husband closing up his business, and hitting the road with your kids and the one vehicle I don't react to.

Nobody does that kind of crazy.
Unless they want to live and they're out of options. Unless their husband is determined that they will live and you leave on the ultimate hail Mary.

That hail Mary has paid off. In 6 months, this is what we've learned:

The idea that my body can't detox was a lie.

There is this idea that because I have genetic methylation issues, I can't detox. Now, I don't think any of my doctors were intentionally lying to me. They were just going on what they've observed. I think, however, they are missing a massive piece. I suspect it is very hard, if not impossible, to heal where you got sick. For years, I thought this was just about a house. And yes, that house did compromise my immune system and do extensive damage. But just moving out of it was never going to be enough. I am now realizing....

At its heart, this is a toxicity illness.

This. This is the HUGE piece we were missing.

When we left Tennessee, we had to drive around Nashville and Memphis. Those cites were too toxic for me to even drive through. When we go to Texas, we have to drive an hour to hour and a half radius around Dallas, Houston and San Antonio or my body curls up and starts convulsing. We were driving through Louisiana the other day and made the mistake of getting off the Baton Rouge exit. We were less than a 1/4 mile off the exit when I got really sick. From being off that exit for less than 5 minutes, we had to replace all of our tubs in the back of our vehicle (we keep all clothing and food items sealed in tubs) because they were so contaminated they made me sick. 
A little side note on that- we learned from a guy who used to be in the military and figured out that if he treated this illness like he'd been taught to treat radiation, he recovered. Another friend who worked at a national lab and watched my reactions described what he was seeing to some scientists at work.
"Oh my gosh," they said. 
"That sounds like a nerve agent reaction."


Now some of my moldy friends (that's what we call each other- lol) will say, 
"Of course you had that reaction. You were in Louisiana!"

But that argument doesn't work.
This is me. Staying in a hotel that's being remodeled in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 
I was fine.

The crazy thing is that area also has a significant amount of toxins (although I'd argue not as much as Baton Rouge) but the air flow is pretty good there. Steve and I are finding that's crucial for me. (Also, this is a stop over. I am not arguing that I could stay here any significant period of time and continue to heal.)

The air you breathe is more important than the food you eat.

Never in a million years would I have pictured myself saying these words. I'm a foodie. I have been a food perfectionist for 7+ years now. And every single bit of that, my health was fading. 

75% + of my diet was organic vegetables. I ate pastured and free range meats. I bought from local farmers. It didn't matter.

I was fading. And my idol wasn't saving me.
Yeah, I said it. Idol.

I still care about eating healthy. I still want a farm someday. But that idol has been crushed. They always do fall short.

When you listen to your body, you don't have to be afraid of mold.

For years now, it has felt like I have had an invisible enemy that was trying to kill me. It has made me exhausted and driven me to my knees.

By getting clear of what was making me sick, I could learn to actually trust my reactions. And in that, is a tremendous amount of freedom! 

The great majority of molds are harmless and I don't have to avoid all or even most of them. 

Yesterday we tried driving in a new area. We were in the middle of nowhere but I was falling apart. I kept having bouts of convulsing and passing out. I felt like I couldn't think and I was absolutely exhausted. The more we drove, the worse it got.  

We finally made the call. It was time to turn around. We drove south 2.5 hours to an area that I had done well previously. It's a hotel on the beach that has <gasp> water damage. They are in the middle of remodeling it AND this is a picture of the mold on the bathroom ceiling where I took 2 showers and was fine.

And this is me, jumping in the pool playing with my kids today.

There's a tremendous amount of freedom in this! I don't have to retrain my reactions, I can actually trust that when my body is convulsing, it's trying to tell me that something is not ok.

On the flip side, if I see visible mold and water damage, but I feel amazing, well Praise Jesus!

I'm probably ok.

We're 6 months into our travel. We think we probably have at least another 6 months so pray for wisdom, guidance and healing.

In Christ,


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