Week 21- I'm Allergic to Myself

This illness is weird. Have I covered that?

Oh, yes. Moving on.

I shared this update on Facebook a few days ago:

 This illness is so weird. I was downstairs homeschooling the boys in the dining area/lobby. Steve was working. We now have a look that means "Move, get out, leave quickly!"

A woman walked in to check in to the hotel. Her room wasn't ready and she loaded all of her stuff onto the cart and came in with all of her stuff. As soon as I saw her, I knew. She was going to hit me hard. She had clothes on hangers, pillows, all kinds of stuff from home loaded on that cart. We looked at each other with "the look."

I walked calmly over to sit by Steve. My legs hadn't gone yet but it was just a matter of time. Within 2 minutes I couldn't keep my eyes open and I was falling over. Steve half carried, half dragged me out of the area. Once I got away from her and all of her stuff from home, I could walk normally and keep my eyes open.

Thankfully, this doesn't happen often anymore. We've been at this hotel for 2 weeks and this is the first the staff has seen of my illness. At our last hotel home in AZ, it was almost a month of being there before the staff saw me hit the ground from someone who walked in. I look forward to the day that it doesn't happen at all but I'm thankful for the gains I've made and that most of the time, I look completely normal.

A friend commented,

"It really is the most outside of human experiences that I have heard of."

She isn't wrong.

As I have shared before, there is a particular outdoor toxin that can make someone like me very sick. We don't know what it is, although it often seems to come from grates and sewer areas. I had to get clear of it to recognize it. The good news is that I can recognize it quickly.

I now recognize it as the toxin that crippled me in South Knoxville and, quite frankly, everywhere I went in TN to varying levels. I can actually feel it coming out of my body when I hot tub, and sometimes even when I'm not. When I spend a while in the hot tub, it comes out so much that I actually start sneezing and coughing! Steve and I joke that I'm allergic to myself. Because of the levels that I'm detoxing, we're still only staying in a room a night before I start reacting severely to it. 

We have been through 18 rooms here and they have 97, some of which we wouldn't be able to use because they'd be a single king only so, after we use the rooms we can, we'll have to go to another hotel. So far, the area is still amazing for me (hence why I'm detoxing here more than anywhere we've been).

I know this is strange. We're used to thinking there's a pill for every ill but there just isn't. When I look, however, at how God designed the human body, it really does make sense. Our exhalation helps detox (one of my great issues with masks, but I digress), our skin/sweat and digestion. God is doing all of that in me now and I'm so grateful. 
For years I had docs pushing binders on me to help me recover from mold illness and seeing what I see now, I'm not convinced they work on any deep level.

Once you're in good air, once you quit exposing yourself to the toxins that make you sick, and once you start sweating, it's amazing.

Here are our current prayer requests:

* That God would orchestrate when Emma and the dogs should come with us. Every time I try to make it happen, He closes the door.

*We had filed an extension on our taxes this Spring when I was so sick. Steve filed those and they will help us replace our vehicle. Please pray that God will show us the vehicle that He wants us to buy.

*Steve's job.

*We would really, really love to be able to stay in the south. We are 8 hours away from family as opposed to 3 days. We want the Lord's will to be done but I would absolutely love to stay here. We have ocean all around us and are 30 minutes from the beach. We know things could change in the Spring, but as of right now this is the place that I have felt the best. Please pray that either we can stay, or that my heart will change when it's time to leave.
I would love to say one thing in closing.

I have read books for years where a missionary would go on the mission field and, after years of service, their health would deteriorate, sometimes to the point of threatening their lives. As a preacher's kid, I know there is absolutely an aspect of this that is spiritual, being worn down from serving. However, the doctor would often "prescribe" going somewhere to clean air for a period of recovery. It seems there really is nothing new under the sun.

In Christ,


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