Week 19- You Won't Believe Where We Are

Things got pretty rough before we left Arizona almost 3 weeks ago. As I shared in my last blog, I was really struggling. I was having days of convulsions and passing out.

We knew we had to leave but we were running out of places to go.

Our mentor had an idea that there was a lot of potential in the south east. The key was to know where NOT to go and be willing to try some things. We were running out of ideas so we decided to give it a go.

We crossed into Arkansas and not only did I not die, I felt pretty good! There were areas that didn't feel good at all (ahem, Little Rock) but even that didn't take me down as badly as some towns out west. We spent our first night in a little town in Arkansas that actually felt pretty good!

Then, we crossed the Mississippi. You can watch that video here. Honestly, I was shocked with how well that went.

We spent about 4 nights in Mississippi. It was amazing!

Yes, you read that correctly. Mississippi actually felt good. Again, we were finding that even the bad areas didn't take me down as hard as out west. 

We really only left Mississippi for 2 reasons-

1. The rate was WAY too high on the weekends and,
2. They book up every day so it can be problematic for me to change rooms. 

Here's why that is a problem-

This happened because I went back into our room after swimming and getting cleaned off. I dumped so many toxins the night before that my body curled up and I passed out a couple of times. Once we got into the hallway, I was fine. 

Since leaving Mississippi, we have driven some through Alabama, parts of Georgia and Florida.

We've found some places that looked nice but weren't so great...

And some places that feel simply amazing!

It isn't just the coast (although I love it) because I have felt some places that felt fine in the middle of towns in the middle of Alabama. 

And some coasts felt AWFUL! 

I think what I'm realizing almost 5 months into this journey is that it took getting clear of what was making me sick and then looking for areas that felt great. So far, at this particular location in the southeast, I feel better than anywhere I've been out west. 

I never would have thought I would feel good south of the Mason- Dixon line. Now I've been cautioned not to attempt NC or TN again as well as some other areas. Maybe someday a few years down the road I will have healed enough to come for a short visit. Maybe not.

Right now the first test is to see if I can make it through the winter here. Even if I can, Spring could change everything. We know that. But I've got a picture of one last thing that's pretty exciting.

We know in Tennessee I was pretty bad, but if a storm came, I couldn't even drag my body. I didn't have the ability in my arms.

In Arizona, storms could have me convulsing and unable to walk. Luckily, they didn't come through too often. 

But here....

See that behind me? I didn't even feel it. 

It's way too early to know if we'll even make it through the winter here. But so far, we're just excited to be in the south again.

Here are our current prayer requests:

* Not long after we left Tennessee, God provided a job for Steve that has pretty much funded this journey so far. It was only a 6 month job. Due to mandates, that job ends December 31st. As of right now, Steve does not have a replacement. Please pray for that situation.

*When we left TN, we took the only vehicle that I wasn't reacting to. We knew, however, that it was only a matter of time before I would react to it. It seems that time has come. We are doing everything we can to clean it and detail it, but we may have to replace it. We can sell it as it won't bother a normal healthy person, but it isn't worth much so we'll still have to have several thousand to replace it. Please pray for God's provision. 

*Please pray continually for God's wisdom about how/when to bring Emma and the dogs into this journey.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.

In Christ,


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