Week 16- Not Feeling So Great

Well, it was a pretty good week until the past couple of days.

I was doing much better once they got the hot tub up and running. I felt stronger, although I definitely haven't fully recovered from the hits I got and my week without it.

Yesterday started feeling rougher. I couldn't walk without a lot of help from Steve until about 4 pm yesterday. I rested most of the day in my room but I was able to make dinner yesterday evening and go outside last night to get a couple of hours of hot tub time which was nice.

(Elijah and his beer- just kidding, that's coconut water!)

My color is still good which is encouraging.

A friend commented last week that this illness is so confusing. That's partly true. It's weird. A mentor of mine said that once you accept that mold illness is weird, that's a step in the right direction. You have to think differently with this illness than any other that I'm aware of. That said, Steve and I have learned some things that might make it easier for others to understand.

1. This is primarily a toxicity illness

Once you know that, a lot more makes sense. Right now my body (and Steve and the boys) is actively dumping toxins. When you are in toxins, your body won't do that. Once it starts, if you encounter too many toxins, your body WILL react. Because of this, I can only be in the same hotel room right now for 3 days max. I start reacting to the room after that. The way we typically notice this is I wake up and can't walk well or at all. Steve will help me into the hallway. If I can walk normally in the hallway, we've ruined the room and we have to get another. I believe this is why hotels are crucial for this. At this location we have gone through 15 rooms.
Because this is a toxicity illness, for this first year we are using disposable clothing. We take showers at night and put on a new shirt (we wear the same shorts for 3 days unless we start reacting beforehand). Those clothes get thrown away the next night. 

2. Pigpen from Charlie Brown

Most of the time I look completely normal. People who see me don't know that I'm sick. At the hotel we're staying, most of the staff had not really seen anything of my illness, until last week.

I was standing around in the lobby talking to Steve and one of the managers when a woman walked in. I felt her (I recognize even that statement sounds weird), but I thought I had a minute. The next thing I know everything went black and I was on the floor. Steve had to pick me up and get me out of there.

It always terrifies people when they see that for the first time and Steve has found a really helpful analogy.

"Remember Pigpen from Charlie Brown?" he'll say.

"It's like that. Someone can come by Megan and while you and I won't feel those toxins coming out of their body, she will. It can be a home they live in or even just the area they are from."

The exciting thing is that this really has become quite rare. So rare that the staff in this hotel saw it for the first time in almost a month that we've stayed here. In the beginning it was happening daily.

3. Because of these things, lots of things can affect me

Yesterday it seemed to be weather and smoke.

The smoke isn't great today either and it is affecting me. 

Please pray that this location will be good enough for me. That doesn't mean I won't have bad days, but if I'm improving over all and having more good days then bad, then we need to stick it out. We really do like it here. Correction: Steve doesn't love Arizona temperatures but thankfully now those are dropping. 😉
The hotel staff is amazing and feels like a 2nd family.

Here are our current prayer requests:

*Emma getting over here. This is my great burden for multiple reasons. One is that she lived in the moldy house that took me down as long as we did. Another is that the longer she stays behind, the longer it will be before she can be around me without taking me down. As of right now, we don't have any way to get her here before next Spring.

*Steve's job. Steve was blessed with a job that has helped fund this journey so far. That job is likely going to be terminated at December because of mandates. God has always provided and we need Him to do it yet again.

*That we can stay in this area at least through the winter and that, if God does want us to leave, He will show us where to go.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

In Christ,


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