Week 15- Been a Rough Week

We have found that sometimes weekends at hotels are too crazy for me. The more people who come to a location, the more I am exposed to. Sometimes I am avoiding a family for the the entire week or weekend that they're here. They don't realize it. It's not their fault but there's either something on their body or clothing which makes me very, very sick. Many people don't realize when they walk by that I might be standing there smiling, holding my breath and Steve is right beside me, literally holding me up as my legs are buckling.

This past weekend was really rough. There were a lot of people in the hotel and it was hitting me hard. We've hit the busy season at our location in AZ and that means a lot more people- especially on the weekends. For now, it seems it's something I may have to ride out because the area overall seems to be great for me. Based on other people I've spoken to with this illness, if I can make it past November in this location, I can probably ride out the winter here. Not only that, but since we got to the area in August, that would mean I made it over half a year in a location which would be super encouraging... But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

I couldn't get in the hot tub over the weekend because too many people were outside in the pool area. When we went to get in the hot tub on Monday, it was green and cloudy so I knew it would make me very sick. They were going to call the pool guy back (he'd already been there once) but we knew it might take a day or so if he needed to shock it so we decided to head up to Flagstaff for a night. 

I regret that move. By that evening, I was feeling pretty sick. By the next morning my body was curling up and I felt like I was going pass out. We headed south early Tuesday morning.

We got back to our location and I got in the hot tub. It wasn't green and cloudy anymore so I got in. Unfortunately, I don't think the pool guy tested it. It took several minutes before I realized that I was getting very sick. Steve helped me out of the hot tub and had to half carry me in. He got me in the shower, I touched my hair to wash it and started collapsing. Steve had to wash my hair 5 times before I could touch it without collapsing. 

They told us they thought it was time to empty the hot tub. Someone else is taking over managing the pool and hot tub. We don't think the other guy was even testing either 😨.

We know they are emptying the hot tub tomorrow morning but I thought I'd lay out and swim this afternoon. I got in the pool and Reese noticed it before I did. He looked at me and said,

"What's wrong?" 

I told him that I didn't know but I didn't feel right. It felt like my right leg was going. He helped me out and Steve ran to get a towel to dry me off because he realized that the pool must not have been tested either and it was making me sick.

Within a couple of minutes I was completely limp and couldn't stand, sit up, or open my eyes. Steve had to carry me in and up to our room, put me in the shower and this time wash my hair 4 times. I'm feeling better now, although I'm tired. I'm rooting for next week to be a better week. 

In Christ,


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  1. My prayers continue for you and your family. We miss yall and will mever forget yall either. Keep your faith.