Week 12- Our $3,000 Mistake and His Great Faithfulness

As of today, it has been 3 months since we left Tennessee.

Over the past couple of weeks, we learned a lot. That lesson cost us $3,000.

As I shared before, we left Arizona when the smoke rolled in. My body started curling up and I did not feel good at all. 

In retrospect, that was a huge mistake. Until the smoke rolled in, Arizona was the place that I was thriving. I even worked out in the hotel gym for the first time.

We decided to try heading back to Texas. And I made it 3 days before I got really, really bad.

We tried heading back up to Oklahoma. It was a complete fail. There were parts of western Oklahoma where I felt ok but they either didn't have a hotel or it was really run down.

From there we headed to New Mexico. I did actually get some relief in New Mexico and it was absolutely beautiful.

But, we ran into problems there. The hotels were $50 and up more A NIGHT than we were used to paying. There was absolutely no way to sustain this. On top of this, many have their hot tubs shut down from mandates and that has been crucial in my recovery.

So after 9 days of travel, Steve and I looked at each other in tears and said,

"Do we just want to go back to Arizona?"

The smoke had moved out so we hit the road.

We arrived back in AZ a couple of days ago and I'm already improving, but that trip cost us $3,000. I told one friend yesterday that we had enough for one more night. We asked a couple of friends to be praying and Steve and I were in constant prayer.

Steve calculated it and we needed $1500 more to make it to his next paycheck. 

This morning Steve checked the account and $1,000 had been deposited from someone who owed him money from tools he sold back in Tennessee. Within a hour, $500 more had been deposited from someone else.

I sometimes look back and wonder if leaving like we did was crazy. But God has not ceased to show us we are on the right path. 2 years ago we were praying for money to save my life with treatment at Envita Medical Center. Anyone who was paying attention could not have doubted for a second that God's hand was in it. God provided $40,000, a free place to stay in peak season in Arizona and saved my life with treatment in the space of about 2 months. You can go back and read about it here.

Steve and I joke that God kicked us out of Tennessee with a steel toed boot. It was painful. Sometimes it still is.

But my kids have a mom. My husband has a wife. 
Worrying about what others think can not be on the top of our priority list.

So back to our mistake...

What could we have done differently?

I could have spent more time inside until the smoke blew out. The pool and hot tub are outside so if I couldn't have handled those, we could have looked for an indoor sauna.

I could have worked up a sweat in the indoor gym then showered.

We have one backup location 45 minutes away. That actually was worse so going there wasn't an option but we had another one 2 hours away at 7k elevation. I don't feel awesome there and it's more expensive but if it got too bad here, I still probably would have done better there.

Overall, I have to accept the road to healing is bumpy. (Carolyn, I can picture that graph to healing you sent me months ago 😉)

Sometimes I will have bad days. Sometimes I might have bad weeks. There may be a point where I'm getting hit too hard for too long and have to clear out (making it through smoke all of June and July likely would have been impossible for me.) But I have to be where I can net positive most of the time. For now, it seems, that's here.

If it changes, God will show us.

In Christ,


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