Week 11- The Stuff I Don't Write About

It has been almost 3 months since we started this journey. When we left, we couldn't have imagined how hard this would be.

There's a lot I don't share. I don't share because it's just been too hard for too long. I don't share because I've had to fight so hard to defend myself. I don't share because it's just too hard for people to understand. They believe there HAS to be another way. People shouldn't have to do this. There has to be another doctor. Another treatment.

I used to think that too.

The past three days have been a super kind of hard. Steve and I talked about it and we decided to share some of the behind the scenes. I likely won't do this often, but this time I will.

Last Thursday something blew in to the area of SW Texas that has been my staple. This has been the place that we always come back to. It is where a lot of my earliest progress started.

When we left Arizona we came back here because it has been great, for the most part for me.

On the 3rd day, something changed. I started having some very serious reactions. We knew we had to go.

That day we hit the road for Oklahoma. There are many places in the middle of nowhere where I feel great. I've encountered them multiple areas throughout Texas and even somewhat in Oklahoma. 

Right now we are having to find hotels in areas that are good enough for me for a few reasons:

*We have the ability to change rooms daily or every few days if needed. Right now my body is literally pouring out toxins so I am not able to stay in a room more than a few days before I react to the toxins we have dumped. This is from sweat and our breath. Another person explained it like this- When someone drinks too much the room smells like alcohol the next morning from them. That is what is happening with me except there's no smell and if you don't have this illness, you'd never notice it, but my body is working hard to get rid of these toxins so when they reach a certain level in the room, I have to move on. In my case, I will stop walking. Steve can help me get out of the room, and I walk completely normally.

*The hot tub is a game changer for me. A mentor of mine said that the kind of fast recovery that we are seeing for how bad I am is RARE. Please remember that when I share what I am about to share. I have a long road but I am still making rapid progress in comparison to most people who are as ill as I am. God deserves all the glory for this. I hot tub and sweat at least 2 hrs a day and often exercise as well. The day before we left Texas I was doing burpees, air squats and push ups. That truly is amazing.

*If something blows in, we have the flexibility to leave. There will be a day when we find a place to be more settled, but I'm not strong enough for that yet. We were actually talking about hopefully finding a place we can rent in the country (in a good area for me) with acreage. I don't know how long that will take. It could be 3, 6, 9 months. Maybe even a year.

All of that said, here were our travels over 3 days.

The first night we ended up in Yukon, Ok. It wasn't great but ok enough for a night's sleep. We tried many places that first night. In Lawton, I passed out in all of the hotel parking lots and couldn't even make it inside. Duncan wasn't any better.
We found a hotel in Bethany where it felt good outside. They had some openings on the 3rd floor. We walked up to check out the room and I collapsed. "Actually," she admitted, "we have had some leaks on the third floor." Finally we came back to Yukon.

The next day we tried SE OK. The good news is that it looks like TN. The bad news is it feels like TN. I kept going from passing out to hands curling up to being unable to lift my legs to convulsing. We didn't make it far into SE OK. We turned around and headed NW. That area is much drier and more desert like. We did find some areas that felt good, but they had run down moldy hotels where I'd either pass out or collapse. One particular one Steve had to almost drag me out of.

After that, we came down into Texas. We finally found a decent enough (but not great) location to settle for the night.

The third day we gave Texas one last effort before heading to NM. We went a lot of places. It was really rough on me.

Finally we made a call. We could head to one town way out of the way or try NM. We decided to go to NM.

There is good and bad here like everywhere else. Today there is a storm front here. It made me pass out in the hot tub and my hands curled up. Steve had to drag me out. The good news is it's supposed to be pretty clear the next week which will give us a better picture on what the area is like most of the time. I've also been taken down pretty hard from traveling through some difficult areas.

This is a picture we took last night after we got here. It definitely did feel better here before today's storm. 

Please keep us in your prayers. We've been told Fall and Winter is very difficult for people with this illness.

The most exciting thing we've seen is that when we find an area that's good for me, I bounce back very quickly, like immediately. 

Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,


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