Day 66- Still Walking By Faith

As I have mentioned before, we came to AZ about 10 days ago. Overall, it's been great. Some storm fronts have come in that have affected me but thankfully those don't come in too often.

Today we got to have an amazing adventure with the kids. We found a beautiful lake and there were wild donkeys everywhere!

I thought I would share some amazing updates:

1. While I haven't been able to workout this week because of the storms affecting my gait and strength, before that I was up to 45 minutes STRAIGHT!

2. We were running low on funds before Steve's paycheck came in but we didn't tell people (other than one friend,) we were just praying.
One friend said he found money in an envelope in his drawer that he didn't even remember. He said God made it clear that he was supposed to send it to us. This is while I was scared and crying out to God in tears. Another friend sent money because she said she just felt the Lord was prompting her to send it.

Friends, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He continues to teach me to lean on Him.

Here is my current prayer request:

Because I am getting stronger and working out more, I'm finding that I need more nutrition than I'm currently getting. I was having so many severe reactions to foods in TN that I just haven't added many back in. Would you please pray for wisdom and guidance in what foods I add in as well as no reactions?

Thank you for your continued prayers!

In Christ,


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