Day 54- Lots of Traveling

It has been a LONG week. See that picture above? That was just yesterday. 

Last Tuesday I started really struggling in San Angelo and I would argue that it was a slow but steady decline for the week before that. I don't know what it was. Something blew in, something changed. We don't know what it was and we don't have to. We pay attention to my reactions and base where we go accordingly. 

We understand this is a crazy way to live but there's one crucial word in this sentence.


And my amazing husband has fought to keep me alive.

Yesterday we drove into AZ. We couldn't really find a good place for me in Texas. New Mexico didn't feel great and all of their hot tubs are shut down because of mandates. 

We stayed in Flagstaff last night but I lost the ability to walk this morning so we decided to see how I felt further south. So far, so good. 

Would you please pray with us that we can stay put for several weeks if not a few months? We know that we will have leave for sure by November because things get worse (out west) for people with this illness in the winter.

Thank you for your continued encouragement and prayers.

In Christ,


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