Back in Texas!

We spent 3 weeks exactly in Arizona. We made some new friends, had a hotel staff we loved and got to have some amazing adventures!

Unfortunately, the smoke rolled in from California as well as some new fires in Arizona and I started reacting.

The amazing things is these reactions are happening less and it takes more to take me down. As soon as we were out of the area, I was back to normal.

We drove back to Texas and I'm doing well. We're back in the area where I've had the most success.

Here are our current prayer requests:

*At some point in the next couple of months we'd like to get Emma and the dogs out here. We need to be in a hotel that allows dogs and work out some logistical things.

*We would love to be in this area through the winter, Lord willing. Please pray for wisdom in that area.

*We are having issues with our current hotel. I actually feel good here and would like to stay but the management is horrible so please pray for wisdom and guidance.

I would love to end on a positive note.

This is me, working out with weights in the hotel gym just last week! God is so good!

In Christ,


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