High Highs and Low Lows

The thing about this journey... It's not a straight line. 

And today, man, we learned that lesson. You can start off the day great, and then you get a major slam and you remember that your immune system still has a long way to go.

We made two huge mistakes today. And we paid for them both. But first, I'll share the good. Because that's just how I like to start things.

I am still doing 2 hours a day in the hot tub and it really seems to be helping. Honestly, I am shocked at the gains that I'm seeing in just a few weeks and I have no doubt that this is part of it.

Today I started adding in swimming for exercise. I was able to do 3 minutes and that wasn't all at once. That's ok. Gotta start somewhere.

And now on to the hard part of our day.
Like I said, we made 2 huge mistakes.

The first that was Steve bought a new Bluetooth speaker. Then it brought it up to the room and hooked it up without me checking it. This may seem like no big deal but to someone like me, it can be huge. And it was. 

I was cooking breakfast and I heard Steve hooking it up in the other room and honestly didn't think a thing about it. I started feeling a little sick and told Steve. Then I collapsed.

Steve took me to the bathroom to clean me up and I sat on the toilet to eat my breakfast while he cleaned and got the speaker out of there then we got our swimsuits on and headed out to the hot tub and swimming for the morning.

I was feeling better after my morning outside and hot tub time and it was time to check out of the hotel. We go back and forth between a couple of hotels in town so we were headed to the other one.

When we got to the other hotel we were checking rooms. The staff knows us well at this point and the drill is I check a room by literally seeing if I can stand and walk in the room. If I collapse, we leave the room and check the next one. Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds. We had gone through a few rooms and were getting nervous when we finally found a room where I didn't fall! There was just one tiny detail that we didn't realize....

We had stayed in this room before. Now, that may seem like no big deal and may even sound like a great idea for someone like me but it's actually the opposite. Once your body gets clear, it starts dumping the toxins that made you sick... especially when you sleep. Which means that I can react to a room because I stayed there before. Yeah, I know.

So it didn't hit me at first. But within a short period of time my body was over reacting to everything. I was passing out and having some minor convulsions and just felt terrible when we realized.

So first, praise God that He showed us what was going on. We were able to change rooms and I'm feeling better. I even went walking around Walmart with Steve and the kids to get some things we needed. We decided to end on a positive note and spend some time in the hot tub before everyone got showers before bed.

I can't control that I got this illness. I can't control that my immune system is pretty wonky, but I got some great wisdom from a mentor tonight. When I told him that we made some huge mistakes and learned some big lessons today his response was, "Nice!"

Because see, the only way to get through this is to accept that I am going to learn through it. I'm going to make mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes might make me sick. But I've also been given an amazing gift. Although my friends and family might think it's the case, I'm not the only person who has ever had this illness. There are others who have walked through this before me and can pour wisdom into me and guidance. But, just like riding a bike, I can only learn this through doing. And the more I learn and the farther I get, the stronger I get. In more ways than one.

In Christ,


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