Day 50- I've Lived More in the Past 7 Weeks Than the Past 5 Years

God is good. Last night my twins got to see a major answer to prayer. More on that in a minute.

We left San Angelo, Texas, a couple of days ago. 
San Angelo has been great for me. We were there for the majority of our 7 weeks on the road. I went from completely disabled when leaving Tennessee....

To doing water aerobics in Texas. 

It's not that Texas is a magical state, although I like it a lot. It's that we finally, after 5 years of extreme illness, found the missing piece. And it wasn't another binder or a missing supplement or medication. It was, instead of ignoring my body and trying to "retrain my brain" (a subject I'll write more about in a different post), actually paying attention. It was realizing that once I learned to recognize particular outdoor toxins, I could navigate my life around them and lead a pretty full life.

And start walking again.
And start playing with my kids.
And running on the beach.

So why did we leave San Angelo?

Well, something changed. It may have been something that blew in. We're not sure. It was gradual at first. I started sneezing my head off. Then I started coughing. Then my asthma flared up.

Then my right leg went.

So we knew it was time to hit the road.

I have met a friend who's also doing this. She shared a post recently where they had to hit the road again and someone commented that they couldn't imagine having to do that, just pick up and move.

She replied,

"Beats the alternative."

I'm inclined to agree. 

Because I'm alive.
And walking.

Now, back to my boys' answered prayer. 

After I wrapped up treatment at Envita Medical Center, my boys started praying that I would get strong enough to ride bikes with them. And before I went downhill again, I did.

And then they started praying that I would get strong enough to take them to the beach. And they've been praying this for months.

Last night, God answered their prayers.

God is good.

In Christ,


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  1. May your journeys continue to bring relief, joy, peace and memories! So glad we could share the little time we did in San Angelo and hopefully someday our paths will cross again. Until then our continued prayers for strength, healing and love will be ongoing. You have a beautiful family and a husband who would move mountains for you. God bless you all and keep you safe during your travels!!!