Day 36- Working Around Road Blocks

We are 36 days into our journey. A bit has happened since my last update so I thought I'd share what's been going on.

We went up to Lubbock last weekend because our hotels booked up for the weekend. There was a tournament in town and we didn't realize how quickly it was going to book up and it left us scrambling.

Now, I've been thriving where I was and really didn't want to leave but we were out of options so we left.

The first couple of days were ok, and then a storm hit. After that a lot of my old symptoms returned. Now we have had storms here and that doesn't happen so it can be an indication that the place just isn't good enough for me at this point in my recovery. That said, as bad as my reaction was after the storm, I'm not in any hurry to get back up there.

I wanted to explain a little more about what we're doing. When people hear "Mold Illness" they just automatically assume that humidity is bad and you need to move to the desert. That's actually not the case. Tucson, for example, is known to be one of the worst places for people like me. 

There is a strategy to what we're doing and while some of it is exploring and driving around, there are horrible towns for people like that we avoid like the plague and will drive out of our way to avoid hitting them. Just driving through these towns could take me back weeks or longer.

Nashville, Memphis, Dallas, San Antonio are just some on the list. So when someone may hear that I'm thriving in Texas, that may blow their minds but, like I said, there's a strategy.

We have to go to a place without certain outdoor air toxins so that I can heal and, thankfully we have one for now. It could change if there's a season change or my body starts healing enough to need something better for a while but for now, I'm flourishing. The gut reaction would be to just go ahead and buy a place and settle down but we have learned that could be a huge mistake. 

We believe we'll be doing the hotel and travel thing for at least a year. We know it could be longer, that's up to God.

I would love to share some of the changes that I've seen in myself and my family.

Steve has been in chronic pain for years. He has some old injuries so we thought this would always be part of his life. His pain is gone. He also has pretty much stopped snoring.

Reese has had a hard time absorbing nutrients and gaining weight. He has had severe food reactions. He is already eating more foods and he's gaining weight and growing.

Isaac and Elijah have been pretty healthy but even they seem healthier.

Today I swam and then when my shoulder started hurting, I started doing cardio in the pool. I am getting stronger daily and am not taken down nearly as often by toxins. 
I am off of all my mast cell stabilizers except 1 and I've dropped the dose of that one. That is in 1 month from my doctor saying all he had left was chemotherapy or IVIG which, as anyone who does it knows, is outrageous and rarely covered by insurance ( I was told $30-50k a year).

Will we ever come back to Tennessee again? We'll never live there and we think I'm years away from being strong enough to visit and even then, it would only be during 2 months of the year (In the past I've done better in Dec or Jan). Right now I have to build up to be strong enough just for someone from Tennessee to visit me.

We know we still have a long road but we're amazed and grateful for what God has done. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

In Christ,


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