Day 27

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since we started our journey. I can not believe the changes that I've seen. 
Even with the hits from yesterday, today I was able to stay in the hot tub for 2 hours (that's not straight - I take breaks) and swim for 10 minutes!!!

10 minutes! That wasn't straight. I had to take breaks but I am beyond excited.

Steve and I were discussing the differences tonight and I pulled up this picture. This is my medication/supplement basket from Tennessee. 

I am now down to just 3 things. 2 medications and 1 supplement. 

I was really convicted tonight as I realized that I haven't spent much time in prayer of thanks to God for what's He's done for our family. Instead I'm always worried about the next step. It makes me realize that I could have been there with the Israelites, after seeing God provide so many times and crying out,

"But what do we do?!"

When will I ever learn?

But God is faithful and I'm going to work, by the power of His Spirit, to be more grateful.

In Christ,


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