Day 24

I posted on Facebook last night. The change in 24 days is absolutely unbelievable. Guys, I went to a clinic at the end of 2019 to save my life. I got iv treatment in a permacath 5 days a week. I had my blood cleaned twice. And the change I've seen in 24 days of learning to do Mold Avoidance is greater than that. Don't believe me? Here are pictures and videos from THIS YEAR (1 year post treatment) to now.

April 6, 2021- We tried staying in a cabin at the KOA (we had stayed at another one before this and I was declining rapidly). We realized that I couldn't even stand outside this cabin and not only was the cabin out, the campground was.

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April 22, 2021- Stayed at a friend's house who helped take care of me for a couple of weeks. Their house was not moldy but I now recognize that they were in an MT zone which caused symptoms like this. More on that later.

April 25, 2021- With a new camper we moved to a new campground in Monterey, TN that seemed pristine. This was a mistake. What we found out soon is they were burning trash there and it smelled like a landfill. The dive I took after that wasn't pretty.

April 28th, 2021- Having full body convulsions, losing ability to walk and speak. Scaring Steve. I become unresponsive while gasping for air and Steve has to shake me and put an inhaler in my mouth to get me breathing. We knew we had to get out of there or this place woukd kill me.

May 1st, 2021- We move back to my father in law's property with our travel trailer. His house has been remediated from mold so we know I can't go in there, in fact I fall if I get close to his house but we have nowhere to go until God opens a door so we stay here.

Mid May- it's getting harder and harder to stay here. I get to where I can't sit in the backyard when Steve isn't there because if the wind comes from the wrong direction, I pass out and there's no one to get me inside.

May 28th- Steve has to quit his remodel job. He's picked up contamination and can't be around me for 9 days without me passing out and going into convulsions.

June 9th and 10th- We stay with some friends for a couple of days while I get 1 more treatment before hitting the road. We know we have to leave the state. 

June 11th- we tried staying one more night on my father in laws property. My body reacted so violently that we had to go ahead and hit the road that night.

June 12th- Our first stop was Arkansas. I didn't feel great in Arkansas but better than in Tennessee. I was able to get in the hot tub for the first time.

Why is this important? Because sweating is important in detox and it's something that my body hadn't been able to do in a long time.
If you're really mold sick, your body won't detox in bad air- especially MT. MT stands for Mystery Toxin and you can read more about it here.

Basically, it's a mystery but it's a toxin that seems to make people like me very, very sick.

2nd Week of June- Coming to life in central Oklahoma. I'm swimming, hot tubbing and playing with my kids.

3rd week of June- traveled to Southwest Texas when I have been ever since (except for one night when we traveled a couple of hours to the east).

I have seen continual improvement.

I am now 3.5 weeks into this journey and just keep gaining strength. We've been able to stay in the same area for the past couple of weeks which has been wonderful. Some bad air has blown in with storms but I'm still making gains so, praise God and we're staying out for now.

I have had other people reach out to me who have this illness to ask specifically where I'm staying. I'm not sharing that for a couple of reasons.

1. I'm not healthy enough to run into someone else with this disease. 


2. It really is individual. It seems to depend on how sick the person is but what feels awesome to me, may take you down hard and vice versa.

I have a couple of prayer requests for my friends who are praying.

1. This isn't cheap and so far, God has been providing but pray that He will continue to. We use disposable clothing as I'm detoxing (wear shirts one time then throw out and wear shorts 3 days max... If they make it that long before I react to them. Hint...they usually don't.) Steve's first full pay check won't hit until August and so we really need God's provision before then.

2. Continued improvement and guidance on this journey. If/when it is time to move on to another city or state, that God would guide us. Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

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