3 Weeks Today!

Today makes 3 weeks since we left Tennessee and started our journey. We are in what I would call Southwest Texas and, so far, it's been a great place for me. A storm front did bring in some nasty stuff that has made some symptoms creep back up so, if you would, please pray that blows out quickly.

I've noticed something exciting in the past couple of weeks. I started sweating! 

"Ok, umm good for you?" You may say.

But here's the thing, I haven't been able to sweat for quite sometime and that is not a good thing. When you can't sweat, your detox capability is shut down. So, daily, I work on sweating. I do this by spending time in the hot tub. Right now I'm up to a hour a day and I'm working up to two. Once I get to two hours a day, my goal will be to add in light aerobic activity such as swimming and work up to 30 minutes a day. There are more goals after this but this is my focus as of now.

Steve has started his job and we are so grateful to see what God has done. We may still have to do some traveling, how much is up to God so please pray that this won't affect Steve's work. Hopefully we're done with the REALLY long days on the road like we went through in Tennessee (man, that's a long state), Arkansas and part of Oklahoma. Steve and I really liked Oklahoma and we hope to go visit again at some point. We also really like Texas and hope to settle here or in Oklahoma. We're still quite a way from settling, however. 

It is possible that we will be traveling and doing the hotel thing for another year. I need to build a lot of health and having the flexibility (plus hot tubs) that hotels allow is crucial. After that, we may have a better idea of where I can live for what times of the year.

Although it may be at least a couple of years down the road, at some point we'd like to buy some property. We don't know that we ever want a conventional home again. We probably will buy a new travel trailer or 5th wheel and trade it in every 2 years for a new one. My great dream is to start a permaculture farm in the dessert. 

Thank you again for continued prayers. Please pray for provision over the next month as we wait for Steve's pay to kick in.

God has been more faithful than we deserve. But then again, it was never based on us. It was always based on Him.

In Christ,


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