Two Weeks In- Where We Are and What God is Doing

Today makes 2 weeks of our Mold Avoidance Journey. It's hard to believe it's been 2 weeks. Steve and I are confident saying that we're on an upward trajectory.

Anyone who knows me knows that cooking is a passion. I'm starting to do that more and more.
We did move to more central Texas for a day but the air just wasn't as good for me so we're back in Southwest Texas. So far, this has been my favorite place and the place that I made the most gains. 

We're learning some weather patterns and wind changes that can affect me... For instance, East wind is ALWAYS my enemy and flares symptoms back up, but in time I believe that will diminish as I gain strength and health.

As I mentioned in the last blog, God provided an amazing job for Steve. We're blown away. He keeps pouring out His blessings.

Today I have swam, hot tubbed, gone shopping and taken the boys to get hair cuts. 

This probably seems like no big deal, unless you have mold illness.... In which case you know it's HUGE! And so we keep building. We move as we need to. That changes based on what my body needs and weather and seasonal changes. And we thank God for His Provision, goodness, faithfulness and unfailing love.

Here are some of my favorite pictures over the past couple of weeks.

In Christ,


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