Truthfully? Things Are About As Bad As They Can Get

I don't know that things have ever been this bad.
You know what? I'm certain they haven't.

At this point, my immune system is completely shot. Dr. Potter was concerned about this at our last appointment but things are far worse now. He has exhausted his options. I am on cromolyn, one of the best mast cell stabilizers that's expensive and rarely covered by insurance and it still isn't touching this. Dr Potter has exhausted his medication options. All he has left is IVIG which is $30-50k a year (not covered by insurance) or chemotherapy. He told me that if these last two steps didn't work, the new property and the cromolyn, it was time to look at leaving the state. We're now there.

Steve couldn't come near me for 8 days because he was in a home remodel that had mold. If he got too close, I passed out and went into convulsions. He had to walk away from that job. It's the first time he's ever not completed a job and, if you know Steve's character, it's one of the hardest things he's ever done. 

We are constantly losing clothes. We are spending hundreds a week on new clothes because as soon as they become contaminated beyond what I can handle, I can't touch them without passing out, much less wear them. 

We're broken. 

We know we have to leave the state but we're drowning financially. We have to have a vehicle that I don't react to that's strong enough to pull the travel trailer and Steve has to find an online job before we leave. Mobility is our greatest friend right now. 

People have asked where we will end up. We have no way of answering that question. We have to travel and find out where I feel good. I have a feeling that at some point I'll end up in New Mexico but right now there is smoke from fires there so it's probably not the best time for me to go. I'm thinking we'll probably start with the western part of Oklahoma and go from there.

Bottom line. Things are bad. We need a miracle.

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