Day 8 of Mold Avoidance- The Sovereign Work of God

We survived our first week! Hallelujah!

Today is day 8 of mold avoidance. It's been a few days since I've updated so I thought I'd share where we are and what's going on.

First, a friend asked some questions today and I realized that I needed to clarify some things. Many of my friends have been following my journey for 2 years since things got REALLY bad. Some, all 5. Yep, the past 5 years have been rough. Others are just realizing what's going on.

I have an illness called Mold Toxicity. It is almost completely unstudied. There are a handful of doctors that treat it in the country and many of them are even clueless when things get as severe as they have for me.

This is NOT an allergy. This isn't about having an asthma attack or some sniffles. I lose the ability to walk, sometimes my hands curl up and I have lost the ability to talk.
This picture was the night we left Tennessee. My body was done. We had planned to stay the night but my hands curled so tightly that it was painful.

With Mold Avoidance, you aren't avoiding all molds. Yes, I know it sounds like that but that's not the case. Many molds are perfectly harmless. We base where we stay on my reactions. We stayed at a hotel in Shawnee, Oklahoma that had some visible mold by the bathtub on the wall but I had NO reaction so I knew it wasn't dangerous and we stayed for the night and got a great nights sleep.

The argument with mold avoidance is that there are some really nasty ones out there that have become more dangerous. Why? That's all guess work but we have to admit that mold wasn't doing this to people 50-60 years ago. The earliest I've heard of illnesses like mine is the 80s. 

With Mold Avoidance, I am working on finding places that I feel good so that my body can start healing. This requires being able to move as things can blow in and my body can change as I'm detoxing. I will become more sensitive to some things and less to others.

How do I know this? Because there are others who have gone before me. I have a mentor who's been at this for 5 years. Another mentor, Erik Johnson, is the one who figured this out and has been at this for decades. There's a big learning curve but a whole lot of hope. I've read Erik's story. He was as bad as me. He's seen my videos of me having to drag my body and he said that he went through that EXACTLY.

So what's my doctor saying? He's run out of options. All he has left is chemotherapy to kill my immune system or IVIG which I would need every week or two, won't be covered by insurance and will run 30-50k annually. He agreed that leaving the state was the next step.

Will my life look different for the rest of my life? 

But I can still have more of a semblance of normalcy the farther I get.

Now, on to the updates:

We left Oklahoma. After 5 days we could see the gradual decline and it was time to move on. We prayed for God to guide us and we hit the road. We went southwest from the OKC area. First we stopped in Chickasha. I still couldn't walk outside there so it was pointless checking hotels.

Then, we went to Lawton. I actually felt great in Lawton but there was a local graduation and all of the hotels were booked. From there we came into Witchita Falls. I felt AWFUL there. That town hit me hard and I got knocked out for portions of it.

We left Witchita Falls and headed for Graham. Graham felt good but the hotels were booked. 

We were getting concerned about where we were going next. We sat down to pray, sought guidance from our mentor and decided to head southwest.

We got to our location and Steve asked if we could test rooms. She tried showing us handicap rooms first and the first 2 were a bust. I was walking normally until we walked into the handicap rooms. My legs went and it took Steve pulling me out and giving me a minute for me to come to. We asked for a non handicap room and I was great. 

Then, we went to pay. The rooms were selling out so their rates were $175 BEFORE taxes. But God gave us favor and she used her employee discount and got us in for $120.

This morning Steve called around and the rates are high everywhere here because of a shortage of rooms. We prayed and asked that if God wanted us to stay that they would either drop the rate or God would send more money. Steve went down and found that the rate was even higher!  
The employee started asking questions and Steve explained a little bit of my symptoms and what we were doing. He went to talk to the manager and they dropped it to $129 for tonight. Who knows if we'll stay longer, that's up to God, but He continues to be our provider.

Now, I'm going to go swim with my kids.
Because I can.

In Christ,


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