Day 4 of Mold Avoidance- A Blip

Today is day 4 of Mold Avoidance. The day started great. I felt amazing this morning and made breakfast for the kids and I.

We had our morning swim and then went out for a walk. I am trying to rebuild my strength and start sweating again so that my body can detox. We went outside and walked for 11 minutes. 

After this, my legs started feeling weak but I was still walking normally. We went into the pool area and my legs gave out. I could tell that something changed outside.

Steve and I decided to drive an hour further west. There was an area that I was wanting to check out and we thought maybe it would give whatever it was a chance to blow through. 

When we go to this town, I did feel better. Outside I was able to walk normally so we thought we'd check out a few different hotels in case we need to move.

Checking out hotels is..... Interesting.
Some people who have my illness ask to check rooms for allergies. It's a heck of a lot easier than explaining this disease... But we can't do that.
Because, once they see me fall, they know it's not allergies.

So this is how it goes down....
We pull up to a hotel. We go in. If I can stand in the lobby, it's a good sign.

Steve walks up to the desk and says, 
"Ok, I have two questions. First, do you have any openings?"

If they say yes he says,
"Ok, I have a question. My wife has an illness that causes severe neurological responses to certain toxins. Is there any way we can check the rooms before we book?"

So today we started at the Fairfield Marriott in this town (so far, they've been the best to deal with). Steve goes in and does his spill. The woman agrees and we go to two different rooms. I walk through the lobby. I walk down the hall. She opens the door. I walk in. I fall. We tried 2 rooms and realized the hotel was a bust. She started asking more questions and I explained that it was mold illness and it wouldn't even have to be that there's mold in the hotel. It could be a person with mold all over their clothes stayed here and that would be enough to trigger my reaction.

"Wow. We actually have had leaks and mold." She replied.

So that one was out.

Next we tried a Best Western Plus. Steve went in and gave his speech. She walked us to the first room. I walked in and made it a few steps before I fell. This time I couldn't even lift my feet to leave. Steve had to pick me up and carry me out.
As we walked out, Steve saw there were men working on rotting soffit. 

"Oh my gosh," she said.

Yeah. We get that a lot.

We decided we would try one more hotel in this town. I was getting tired, these hits take a lot out of me. 

We went to the Holiday Inn Express down the road. We went into the lobby. I felt a little iffy and should have walked out but I thought maybe someone just tracked something in. Steve walked me over and sat me down on a chair and went to speak with the woman at the desk. She was making keys when my eyes closed and I started falling over. Steve rushed over. I told him I couldn't walk at all. He scooped me up and rushed me out. I started walking after exiting the building.

We drove the hour back to our current hotel and, by the time we got back, it passed and I was walking normally. 

During this time, I contacted our buddy who has access to some weather stuff and asked him if anything had changed during the time that I had this episode. It had. The winds had shifted from the southeast which meant it was blowing the part of Oklahoma where I didn't feel good, my way. If you look at satellite images of Oklahoma, the east part of the state looks a lot like Tennessee and Arkansas and I felt AWFUL there. I didn't feel good until we hit about 20 minutes before Oklahoma City. It got drier, we started seeing some sand and even the types of trees changed. 

So here's the question: Am I close enough to the Eastern part of the state that it's literally going to take me down every time the wind comes from the east? We don't know yet. So, for now, we stay put, but we have to be flexible and keep our eyes on this. Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,


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