Day 11 of Mold Avoidance- God's Constant Provision

Today is day 11 of our Mold Avoidance Journey.
I want to share what the Lord has done. 

When we left Tennessee, we left in faith. This is not something that I would necessarily recommend but God was quite literally forcing us out. I kept praying, "Are you sure this is what we need to do?" And then He would slam the door shut on every single alternative. A few days before we left I knew we'd be leaving in a few days. I can't tell you why, I just knew. I had every confidence that we'd be leaving that weekend. 

We had some friends who had seen what I was going through. They had literally picked me up off the floor and cooked food for me. You don't have many people that will help your husband put you in the shower when you can't walk or talk so that I can decontaminate. People talk about the church being the hands and feet of Jesus. These guys actually lived it. They said they'd help as much as they could and encouraged us to hit the road.

Then we thought we had one more night. We could stay on my father in law's property and rest there before we hit the road. But as we turned in his driveway, things got bad. My hands curled up so tightly that they were in pain. It became apparent that we wouldn't have one more night. We had to leave immediately. I was unable to say goodbye to any of my family. Steve barely got to say goodbye to his dad. Neither of us knows when or if I can ever return. Neither of us knows when I'll even be strong enough for someone back home to come visit me.

We left with a little over $1,000 and Steve didn't even have a job yet. God was forcing us out and so we had to take a step of faith. We had seen God provide time and time again. We knew this time would not be an exception.

After we left, some money from some stuff we sold came in. That helped. But one night, a little over a week ago, we were down to $65, then someone sent $2,000. Just today, as funds are dwindling, someone else sent $3,000. This will help us while we wait for Steve's new job to start.

And that's the other praise. Steve got an online job. A really good one that starts in the next couple of weeks. And so, we've seen that as we stepped out in trust and obedience, God has poured out His blessings on us.

And so I sit back in awe of my God. He has blessed me. He has provided for me. I am getting stronger by the day. I'm spending more and more time in the hot tub daily for detox. This is something that people with Mast Cell Disorder and heat intolerance just don't do.

I am swimming more and more each day. I'm spending time outside in high 90s to 100 degree temps and seem to be building strength daily.

But I'm also sad. I am a Tennessee girl through and through. Some people want to travel the country, travel the world. Steve and I aren't those people. We wanted to have a home in the beautiful hills of Tennessee where we helped the hurting and the weak. We wanted to be at family birthday parties and Christmases. We didn't think we'd have to chose between my life and those things. And so, we are mourning. 

But I am continually confident that we are exactly where God wants us right now. Could that change tomorrow? Yep. There is usually a lot of moving with this illness. But even if we do move to the next town or state, God has given us overwhelming favor and has shown that His hand is in this.

Phil 1:6- And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

In Christ,


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