Day 1 of Mold Avoidance- Difficulty and Progress

Our Mold Avoidance Journey was supposed to start on Saturday, June 12th at 6 am but God had other plans. We were supposed to spend one last night in Cookeville then hit the road. Unfortunately, when we got up to the location, my hands curled up tightly so that it was painful and I was quickly getting worse.

 We knew we had to hit the road. Friday night was a long night. We drove much of the night and poor Steve was exhausted. We couldn't find anywhere in Tennessee where I felt even remotely ok. We avoided Nashville and Memphis because we knew they would both make me very sick. Unfortunately, that did make a longer drive.

I did start improving slowly as we came in to Arkansas. I did not expect this at all because there are a lot of similarities between Tennessee and Arkansas. We passed a lot of standing water which normally knocks me out in Tennessee. It did for a few seconds in Arkansas but that's it. Don't ask me to explain why.

If you're new here, or trying to understand what we're doing, the purpose of Mold Avoidance is not to avoid all molds. It's to avoid specific dangerous ones that do tremendous damage. For me, that damage is often neurological. While some of these are indoors, many of these are actually outdoor molds. 

Although we had seen some improvement in Arkansas, we had not been able to find a hotel at first. A friend gave me some tips on some more things to look for and try and that helped tremendously (thank you, Laura!). We drove through part of Little Rock which I would prefer to never do again. It made me so sick that Steve had to pull over to a truck stop exit so that we could rinse out my hair, clean arms and face and change my shirt. It took about a hour for me to come back from it. I still don't feel fantastic, but thankfully much better. Finally we found a hotel in western Arkansas where I felt pretty good. 

While doing mold avoidance, the purpose is to find environments where your body feels good enough to start detoxing on its own. It is recommended to use hot tubs and swimming during this part (obviously discuss this with your doctor). Today I was able to put my feet in the hot tub for 5 minutes and stand in the pool with Isaac for a couple of minutes teaching him to swim. That may not seem like a big deal to some but from how sick I've been, it's huge!!!

Unfortunately, in the afternoon something blew in that affected me severely. I lost the ability to walk, speak (I could barely say words and I stuttered and worked hard to say anything) and my hands curled up. We left. Once we were about 10 minutes out the area, all of my ability returned. We went ahead to Central Ok and had a great nights sleep. 

We hope to make this summer a time of great adventures with our children. Yes, we are doing this because it's necessary for my health, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun! I hope to take our children to do and see some amazing things!

I still have a long road to go. A lot of damage has been done and the recovery often takes years, although that varies for different people.

I want to end this again by saying that God has been so faithful to us, more than we ever deserved. He has provided for us and guided us step by step and He still continues to lead. I could do none of this without Him.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and pray for continued wisdom and guidance. 

In Christ,

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‘Surely, shall one say, in the Lord have I righteousness and strength,’ Isa. 45:24; that is, I have righteousness in God’s righteousness, strength in his strength, so that in this respect Christ can no more say that his strength is his own, and not the believer's, than the husband can say, My body is my own and not my wife's. A soul persuaded of this may sing merrily with the sharpest thorn at his breast; so David, ‘My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise,’ Ps. 57:7. What makes him so merry in so sad a place as the cave where now he was? he will tell you ver. 1, where you have him nestling himself under the shadow of God's wings, and now well may he sing care and fear away. A soul thus provided may lie at ease on a hard bed.

-William Gurnall
The Christian in Complete Armour

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  1. Continuing to pray for healing, wisdom, and strength to endure all of the challenges. I know I can't understand them, but I am confident in the Lord's faithfulness. I'm praying that you make many great memories traveling out west! Hey - when you find some where, that'll give us reason to make a road trip too!