2 (no 3) Specific Prayer Requests


I have one more prayer request that is not listed in this video. Within an hour of recording this video, my right leg turned and went again. My doctor absolutely believes this is histamine related and is working on adding yet another treatment.

Steve and I are trying to figure out if we should file for disability. Now, anyone who looks at the way I walk when my legs go may shout, "Absolutely!" but it's not quite that simple. You'd have to have a diagnosis that disability would recognize and mold toxicity and mast cell activation syndrome aren't it. My doctor said that he can give me an exercise test for $400 to see if he felt he could recommend it but some days I can walk 1- 1.5 hrs a day and ride my bike. Some days are like today. We hope we are wrong but it doesn't seem like my recovery is short. We really need wisdom.

Thanks friends,


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