10 Things I Wish I Had Done When I Got Sick From Mold


Hindsight is 20/20. It was August of 2016 when my body finally broke.

 I had always had health issues and my health definitely took a dive when we moved into our first moldy home when we got married, August 4, 2001.

But I had suffered through. Until August of 2016. Then, my body was done.

The past 4 years have been a giant learning curve. Knowing what I know now, these are the things that I wish we had known to do.

1. In our case, we had a "Moldagedden." You can read more about it here, here and here. It was recommended by my doctor and a mold specialist that we leave and that I NEVER return to the home. We threw out almost everything we owned. It was all contaminated.

This part we all did. Some of the steps that follow, we did not know to do.

2. I wish we had moved into a travel trailer or RV at a campground in a mountainous area. My body had been pummeled and I needed fresh air. Lots and lots of it. Steve and I both look back and wish we could have done this. We didn't know this but my hopes is that it can help someone else that I am sharing this with.

3. I wish I had known to get ketamine. Ketamine does not treat mold illness or detox but it does calm the nervous system down allowing you to do these things. I truly wish I had known. I had horrific and traumatic symptoms in the first several months.

4. I wish that Steve and I, while in the RV or travel trailer, had studied under Cheryl Cieko, the mold architect. Cheryl has many online courses and this likely could have prevented us from moving into the home that almost took my life. And the home of a relative that made symptoms return after treatment to save my life.

5. I wish we had moved out of East TN (an extremely moldy area) much sooner. If everyone who moves to your area suddenly gets allergies for the first time in their lives, that might be a warning sign.

6. I wish I had known about and could have been treating Mast Cell much sooner. I had a lot of crazy symptoms that doctors could not explain. I reacted badly to detox, healing foods such as broths and ferments. No one could tell me why.

7. I wish I had found Dr. Eric Potter at Sanctuary Functional Medicine much sooner. Dr. Potter has been amazing at helping me through detox while keeping my mast cell stabilized. He doesn't get impatient with me when my body won't cooperate (which often, it doesn't). He encourages me to take breaks from detox if we see red flags and he told me that 5 mph is still moving forward. Right now, that's the speed that we are at.

8. I should have tested every single home I lived in and stayed in. Yep, even relatives homes that we've been visiting for years because living there is a different ballgame.

In the words of my husband,


I wish I had done two different tests at each test, an ERMI that I can do myself and an air quality test like I did with the local lab in the original home.

9. I wish I had switched to a low histamine diet as laid out on Mast Cell 360. It has provided so many answers for me as to why I was reacting to "very healthy" foods. 

10. I wish I had started brain training much earlier in this process. The brain is damaged by mold and it is important to retrain it during recovery.

I am not going to spend a lot of time in the future looking back. I am moving forward, but I wanted to share these things in hope that they'd help someone else who is early on in their journey.

In Christ,


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