Do We Really HAVE to Replace EVERYTHING? And What My Doctor is Saying


"You don't have to replace all your clothes! You can clean them!"

Well meaning people said that to us when I first got sick from mold 4 years ago (to read more on that, go here.) 

And they're saying it again now.

Please know that the next statement I am about to make is said with nothing but love and kindness but...

I've noticed that most of those people are walking and do not have severe neurological attacks from mold.

Here's the truth, you can kill some mold from clothes. But you aren't going to remove those mycotoxins. Then, they will continue to be absorbed by the skin and go into the body.

More on that here

and here.

We can't risk it anymore. It all has to go.

Physically, I am deteriorating. I'm having more tremor episodes.

I'm falling almost daily.. if I can even walk at all.

I'm losing the ability to eat and missing a lot of meals.

My body shoots up random fevers between 99-101.

So what is my doctor saying about all of this?
All of my labs point to mold. There is no evidence of an autoimmune disease, but there is evidence that I am actively fighting a biotoxin.
The #s on that lab are 4x the highest limit.

My doctor said that it's evident that there's something in this house that is making me very sick. And, at this point, Tennessee may just not be the place for me.

He is trying to keep me as stable as possible but we have agreed that we will not detox me until I leave the state.

And that's where we are.


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