The Joy in Waiting on God


It's been a month since I went to see my new doctor. I actually didn't get to meet the doctor at the first appointment, I met the physician assistant. Her back ground is neurosurgery so I believe this was a blessing.

They decided on a LOT more tests. They had all my tests from Envita which are now a year old. That is so hard to believe.

So much has happened in the past year.

(testing at Envita on Oct 3, 2019. I was freezing because they took 25 vials of blood)

(day 1 of treatment- Dec 17, 2019)

(1st apheresis treatment -cleaning blood- Jan 3, 2020)

(at new home in Middle TN. Playing with the kids in the snow and walking normally- 
Feb 3, 2020)

Episodes started back up on August 6, 2020. If you want to read more about those, you can here.

Right now, we are just waiting for a few more tests. I have to send in a Mycotoxin test. They want to know how much mold is left in my body after treatment at Envita. We are waiting on another test that I don't understand and, therefore, won't attempt to explain called a Organic Acids Test. We have to do mold testing at this current home because my doctor won't start to treat mold illness until he sees a clean mold report from our current home. That should be here in a couple of days. We are using an at home kit from the lab that we used to test our home in East Tennessee. We'll probably have those results in the next week or so.

Lastly, next Monday (10/12/20) I have an MRI. My doctor really believes these episodes are mast cell related but wants to do a MRI just to be sure. This particular MRI will also measure the regions of the brain to see if any have been damaged by the mold.

Unless my doctor sees anything on these upcoming tests that urges him to get me in sooner, my appointment with him is December 14th. We're praying that nothing urges him to get me in sooner. In the mean time, he is working to stabilize my mast cell issues.


"Whatever you do, don't pray for patience."

I have heard that more times throughout the years than I can count. There's this idea that if we pray for patience, God might send a difficult trial and one would have to endure it to get the patience.

First, in my experience, you don't have to pray for something like patience to get trials. Second, why do we think that being conformed into the image of Christ isn't worth the trial?

In going through this trial, I have seen God provide in ways that I never would have otherwise. You can read here.

God has allowed me to pour into the lives of others who are hurting with chronic illness (usually mold illness) and encourage them.

I am learning to "bring every thought captive" in ways that I have never known.

Last year I prayed for a faith like George Mueller's. What he had in his fellowship with the Lord went far beyond any earthly comfort he could have had (if you are not familiar with him, look him up, better yet, read his biography!)

So when I have more tests that need to be ordered, and the radiator cracks on our suburban and the bills seem to be piling up, I can say,

My God will supply every need of mine according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)


God is able to make all grace abound to me, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, I can abound in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:8)

I can remind myself that this same God provided almost $50,000 and a free place to stay when I had to go to Envita last year.

This same God provided $4,000 for treatment with my new doctor.

This same God had someone anonymously provide for my son, Reese's treatment when I was on my face begging God to provide last week because he has taken a turn for the worse.

This same God provided a place for us to stay when we uprooted our lives again to move to a safer place for me to live.

This same God blessed my husband tremendously with work when he had to start a new business in a new town- to the point where he's booked out over 10 weeks and people are frustrated that they have to wait.

No, there is joy in waiting on God. There is joy in seeing Him move. Him provide.
There is joy in knowing that I am not enough.

But He certainly is.

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