Mold Illness Treatment- Week 3

We are now 3 weeks into treatment! This has been a pretty good week so I'll keep it short. 

On Tuesday I had my first apheresis treatment. Apheresis cleans the toxins out of your blood so this is great for removing the mold toxins and any other "die off" that could have been in my blood stream. It took about 3 hours and my detox symptoms have been minimal.

Since apheresis, my mood has been better, I have been less "foggy headed" and I've even been able to walk a little better. I still have a lot of limitations but I'm grateful that I've seen some very noticeable improvement. A couple of times since Steve has said in surprise, "You're walking completely normally!" It doesn't last but we are seeing improvement rather than decline which is quite exciting.

I only had one bad episode this week. They tried to up one of my iv treatments by 50 mg and it was too strong for me. I started having an extreme tightening in my head and neck. It felt like someone put vice grips on me and was tightening them. They quickly turned it off and flushed me out with fluids. We'll just have to stay at the lower dose for now.

Last week when I met with my doctor, he said that my labs showed low blood sugar. My fasting blood sugar was at 62. I've had blood sugar issues for 3 years but no one has been able to pin down why or what is causing it. The endocrinologist checked me for diabetes several times and never found anything but I can go months at a time and then suddenly have drops so they're very hard to catch. I've been having more episodes since starting treatment and my doctor here thinks it might have something to do with how hard he's pushing my body. He's keeping a close eye on it. I'm curious to see what my numbers are next week.

I meet with my doctor next week. Please continue to pray for wisdom for him for next steps. I know he was originally thinking that treatment would be much faster than it appears that it's going to be. He was thinking he'd be building me up for a week then going after some of the infections, yeast and viruses. Instead, it's been 3.

I have debated on sharing this last bit. We wanted to make sure our families knew first and we weren't sure even then that we wanted to share publicly.
I shared in my last blog that we received some difficult news from the doctor. As we really need prayers for wisdom, I would like to share it now.

The doctor told me that they basically treat two groups of patients. The first group has some type of disease or infection (or both). They have to come down for treatment but, once they're better, they get to go home and go about their lives.

The second group is more chronically ill. They are very heavily influenced by their environment and their genetics. By working with me and looking at my labs, he believes me to be in that second group.

So what does this mean?

He said that while I don't have to move here, it would be beneficial to look at living in a climate like this one. 

We know that mold has made me very ill and, while I haven't been in a mold home for over 3 years, I have continued to decline. Obviously, it was still in my body but there's a deeper problem. No matter what we did, we couldn't get it out. My body can not detox well. It can not handle mold well and in the southeast, mold is everywhere. It is in the air in sky high numbers.

The doctor recommended both a more arid climate and more sun year round. This basically puts us in southern Texas, southern New Mexico, or Southern Arizona. Of those options, Arizona appeals to us the most.

This is very hard for us. Tennessee is home. It is beautiful. It is where family is. And I never really imagined leaving it. But the doctor is saying that my health may depend on it.

We need real prayers. If we are to move here, God will have to provide a good job for Steve. We need prayers for that. More than anything, we do not want to be outside the Lord's will. If God wants us back home, He can help me be healthy enough for that. If God wants us here, we need His guidance and provision. If God wants us somewhere else, He needs to show us.

This feels like starting all over again... again. And it's really, really hard. Please keep us in your prayers.

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  1. I’ll move with you. �� I’ve seriously thought about loving out West, would have been my daddy’s dream. It will all fall into place.
    I’m so proud of you!

  2. I'm sorry you have to make another hard adjustment. This reminds me of some missionary stories we've listened to where the missionaries had to go to different climates to heal. I think George Mueller was one of them. I can't remember now who the other was. I remember thinking why would God take them out of their vibrant ministries, but it was all part of His plan. I hope you get the help you need there and feel better soon!

    1. Thank you for saying that. George Mueller is one of my heroes in the faith and you're right,I've read more than one missionary biography where they had to leave to heal.

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