Mold Illness Treatment- Week 2

We have just wrapped up week 2 of treatment. Because they have had to cut a couple of iv's that I haven't responded well to, my days were shorter than they were supposed to be but they were still about 4-5 hours.

We had Tuesday and Wednesday off due to Christmas Eve and Christmas. The kids had a wonderful Christmas. The landlord where we are staying and their neighbors went shopping for the kids. I couldn't believe how many presents they got! Elijah asked me if he gets to take them when we go home and I assured him that he does, indeed, get to keep his new toys.

This past week was pretty uneventful. My perma cath isn't painful anymore- Praise God! The first week I grabbed Steve in pain every time he hit a bump in the vehicle.

We met with my doctor on Thursday. We met for a hour and went over everything. He wanted to know how I was doing before we moved forward anymore.

First, we discussed the yeast. If you don't remember, my doctor explained that mold and yeast go hand in hand. Once your body has been taken down by mold, yeast starts to take over. This is one of the big reasons that I am losing weight and can't absorb nutrients. Dr. Poteet had started me on Nystatin 3 times a day as soon as I started treatment. I thought that this was to kill the yeast. He said it's not actually killing my yeast. He started me on this dose to see how I tolerated it. This is just to keep it from continuing to take over. I told him that I had some stomach bloating and a little bit of anxiety but it had been manageable. He said we will have to throw some pharmaceuticals or natural yeast killers- or both- at it but it sounds like I'm not ready. 

If you remember, I shared last week that I had some severe sulfur reactions. I was concerned that this would affect my treatment going forward but the doctor assured me that he has plenty of other options for treatment and he is not worried. Because I had had glutathione so many times before, he thinks this is more a saturation issue. He believes that we can take some supplements that will support co factors of sulfur and that will fix a lot of the issues. This is also a future issue that we may address. It isn't high on his priority list.

Right now he has two priorities: the staph infection close to my brain and the colonics. Dr. Poteet said the patient he's had that he can closest compare to me is a patient that also had the staph infection (known as MARCONS). He said that when he started him on the nasal spray (that has an antibiotic, antiviral, strips the biofilm that protects the infection) his anxiety drastically dropped. The reason for this is that the infection is actually putting pressure on the brain and releasing neurotoxins into the brain. He wants the colonics to start removing the toxins that are just cycling in my body. I have one scheduled for Monday.

Originally the doctor had told me 6 weeks for the estimated time period for treatment. This was to get me to 60% and to go home and finish working with my medical time. As of right now, he's not willing to commit to an end date. He wanted to see how the nasal spray and colonics go. He said right now he's just trying to get me strong enough to detox. He has been tracking my labs weekly and said that my inflammation numbers are pretty high. He said he can tell that my body is fighting constantly. The numbers are going down, albeit slowly, so he is encouraged that we are on the right track.

I did start the nasal spray and had a reaction to one of the ingredients. The doctor was out on Friday so we will find out what he wants me to do on Monday. This was one of the things he was worried could potentially slow down my treatment.

The doctor gave us one other piece of information that was difficult to hear. We aren't ready to share it yet publicly but please keep us in your prayers.

Next week will be my first apheresis treatment. This will take about 4 hrs and will clean my entire blood stream, removing a lot of the toxins. My nurse said that people usually feel like they've been hit by a truck for a few days afterward so please keep me in your prayers.

Thank you so much to everyone that continues to pray. Please continue to pray that:

1. I will be strong enough for detox
2. I will handle apheresis and colonic well next week.
3. God will continue to provide for treatment and the cost of being out here.

Thank you for reading and praying!

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