Mold Illness Part 3- Diagnosis and Treatment

As I shared in my first two posts, I had been sick for 3 years. We knew it happened after mold exposure. Regular doctors found nothing.

Functional doctors worked on detox and brain repair.

It was becoming increasingly apparent that whatever was happening, was effecting my brain and central nervous system.

(If you missed parts one and two, you can read them here and here.) 

We knew we have to make a decision soon. I had already told Steve that I was sure that whatever this was was going to kill me.

Some friends suggested that we look into lyme disease. One friend told us about a place that treated lyme, neurological illness, mystery illness and late stage cancer.

As soon as we read about Envita Medical Center and watched some of their videos, we knew we had to go.

We made a video sharing our story and uploaded it on Facebook.

We were absolutely blown away by what God did!

This clinic is not covered by insurance. The testing I needed was extensive... and expensive.

We asked for $9500 for the trip out there, meeting with the medical team and the testing.

Within 10 days, God provided, through our amazing friends and family, $10,000.

It seemed God wanted us to go to Arizona.

In the beginning of October we met with the doctor at Envita. We have never had someone ask so many questions in our lives. He wanted a complete background- going back to childhood. We met with him for over 2 hours.

The next day we came in for testing. 

They took 25 vials of blood.

I joked with my husband that if there was a bodily fluid, they took it.
My body was so cold that they had to cover me up with heat packs, heated blankets, and covers.

But it was worth it.

4 weeks later we got the call from the doctor.

Finally, after 3 years, we knew what was wrong.

They found a large amount of staph infection deep in my sinuses. It is common in biotoxin (mold) illness. This is likely releasing neurotoxins into my brain.

They found mold actually growing in my sinuses. While is it a small amount (Praise God!) it is still dangerous in an immune suppressed person. The doctor went on to explain that I am immune suppressed.

They found a very high amount of Zearalenone (the mycotoxin made from the strain of mold called Fusarium) in my body. There is a common thought that Stachbotrys, a.k.a. "black mold", is the only dangerous mold. That is not the case. I don't have black mold in my system.

My doctor went on to explain that mold is an immune suppressant. He said that when someone gets a transplant, they have to take an immune suppressant to keep their body from rejecting the transplant.

That immune suppressant is made from mold.

Because my immune system has been taken down, viruses and infections are taking over and attacking my central nervous system.

Because of the mold, yeast has taken over my digestive tract. Because of that, I am malnourished and steadily dropping weight. There are a lot of what the doctor called secondary issues on my labs that would probably resolve if I could absorb nutrients.

All of this is 3 years AFTER leaving my mold home and working continuously with my functional doctor to detox.

My doctor in Arizona explained that this does have to be taken very seriously. He said that if it is not done correctly, it could be very bad.

We have to travel to Arizona for 6 weeks of treatment. They will have to do extensive treatment including cleaning my blood. I will be at the treatment facility for at least 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.

They have said that the longer I wait for treatment, the more I will continue to deteriorate.

All of this is just to get me to 60% so I can come home and work with my medical team here.

Friends, we are asking for help. It will cost us around $50,000 to go out for treatment. As of right now, we have about 40% of what we need.

Please keep us in your prayers. Please share our story.
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Thank you for reading and praying. May God bless you!

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